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Questions to Ask Before AC Replacement Brooklyn, NY

questions to ask before ac replacement

Your AC is giving you trouble day and night forcing you to call your air conditioner technicians for help. After the technician diagnoses the issue, you are left with two options. Either you repair your system or opt for a new one. So, what will you do if you are stuck in this situation? Well, the professionals of AC replacement Brooklyn, NY, got it covered for you. Many times homeowners often get themselves tangled in this situation, with no one to guide and help them right. Therefore, this article has made it easy for you to decide if you ever get stuck in this kind of situation.

Before you jump to a conclusion, ask yourself a few questions, which will guide you to the right decision. Many factors need to be considered when opting for the AC replacement and so the following questions will help you decide right.

Things to Ask Before AC Replacement

1. How old is your air conditioner?

Now, this is the first question that will pop into your mind when you think about AC replacement. To make it clear, the air conditioners are modelled to last for 12-15 years’ period time, which is well-maintained and cared for can operate for another 2-3 years more.

If your air conditioner is doing good with just a small minor repair here and there, then you can go for the repairing option. Also, if the repair guarantees you another 2-3 years’ good operation, then postpone your plan for AC replacement. However, if your AC is constantly giving you trouble with heavy repairs and replacement, then replacing it with a new unit is the best option. Once the air conditioner has passed 10 years, it will slowly lose its efficiency and bring loads of repairing troubles to you. If the estimated cost of repairs and replacements covers half the new system price, then replace it for better performance and efficiency. Therefore, if the AC is 10 years and is giving you constant repairing troubles, then opt for a new air conditioning system.

2. How expensive is the air conditioner repair?

It depends upon the severity of the problem. If it is a minor one like the filter problem or clogged drain line, then it will come under your budget. But if the air conditioner has passed ten years and the repair is estimated to cover half the unit price, then replacement makes more sense.

3. What is the efficiency rate of your air conditioner?

When the talk is about efficiency rate, in simpler terms it means how well your AC operates and provides you comfort. Ask yourself whether it is meeting your needs and demands? Does it have any impact on the energy bills?

The efficiency of the air conditioner also depends on how well you schedule maintenance services. When the efficiency of the AC is good, it not just provides you comfort but also saves on energy bills.

4. Is your air conditioner well-maintained?

Regular maintenance directly impacts the efficiency, reliability, and life expectancy of the AC. If you schedule regular AC services in Brooklyn, NY, then 50% of the costly repairs and replacements can be avoided. All you have to do is,

  • Change/clean the air filter once in 2-3 months
  • Keep the outdoor unit free from all debris and vegetation growth
  • Scheduling for regular maintenance services
  • Take note of the troubles immediately
  • Timely repairs and more.

5. Is your air conditioner meeting your needs and comfort?

How good is your AC performance? Is it providing the comfort you need? Apart from minor repairs here and there, how good was its operation? Does it cool evenly and does it give you high energy bills? If most of the questions were answered negatively, then it’s time you think about AC replacement. It is of no use struggling with an old and unreliable unit, which does not give you the comfort you need. Hence, get it replaced and enjoy your days comfortably.

By this time, you will have a clear picture of whether you will go for repairing or replacing. If you are still struggling with the decision, then you can help the experts of VVOY Service Hub. They are your reliable partner who will make sure you are guided rightly. Call 718-412-1794 for more information.

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