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6 Telltale Signs Your House Needs Siding Replacement

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For some homeowners, it’s difficult to know when siding requires replacement. After all, siding should last for decades without needing repair. In many homes, the exterior walls of a house are covered with wood paneling or vinyl-sided materials which seem ageless in terms of ruggedness and durability.

Siding replacement isn’t always a matter of great urgency. It’s not a home repair that requires routine maintenance. In fact, home siding replacement maybe a project that’s not been needed for many years.

For this reason, it’s important to know the signs that tell when your exterior walls require repair or total replacement. With that said, check out the info below to learn more about when it’s time for new siding.

What Is Siding?

Siding refers to the exterior walls of a house. It’s meant to protect the home from weather and other exterior conditions, including rainwater, wind, snow, etc. Siding is made out of wood or vinyl. Over the years, it becomes worn out by the wear and tear of Mother Nature.

So, how do you know when new siding is necessary? Here are 6 telltale signs that your siding is worn out and needs replacement:

How Do I Know If I Should Replace My Siding?

1. Blistering, Cracking, or Peeling Paint

This sign tells you that the layers of paint on your siding aren’t able to protect it against the elements anymore. Blistering indicates that water has seeped into the wood paneling or vinyl. Instead of repelling the paint seal, it’s absorbed into the siding panels themselves.

Cracking shows that water has seeped into the panels, but also that it’s dried out and expanded after absorbing into your siding. Peeling paint means that water and other elements (snow, rain, etc.) have worn away the paint seal.

In cases like these, siding replacement is essential.

2. Rotting Wood or Sagging Vinyl

This could be a result of water damage from storms or other weather events. But it could also be due to exposure to constant UV rays from the sun. In the case of rotting wood, it means that bugs have got into your exterior walls and are feasting on the wooden frame of your house.

3. Difficulty Keeping the  House Cool

Modern homes are built with energy efficiency in mind. Unfortunately, this includes making them more difficult to keep cool on hot summer days and warm during winter seasons.

If you live in a part of the world where snowfall is common, it means that you need to insulate the exterior walls of your home. Also, if you notice low energy efficiency in any given season, consider siding replacement as part of your home insulation project.

4. Water Pooling On Your Exterior Walls

If rainwater is pooling against your siding instead of draining away from the house, it means that water isn’t being repelled by your exterior walls anymore. In situations like this, replacement of your home siding is necessary.

5. Fading Paint or Vinyl

A combination of a lack of proper upkeep and exposure to UV rays from the sun can cause fading paint and vinyl on your home’s exterior walls. It doesn’t simply mean that the color is less vibrant. It’s a sign that your house siding has outlived its lifespan. Therefore, it will need to be replaced in due time.

6. Fungus, Mold, or Mildew on the Siding

Mold and mildew on a house is often the telltale sign that siding replacement is needed. Fungal growth or mildew on wood leads to splitting and cracking in the material. That creates an opportunity for water to get in and create rot and fungus within the wall and structure of the home.

Patches of any kind should be identified as early as possible because fungus, mold, and mildew on home siding cause major problems inside the home.

Make sure you take a proactive approach and do not assume that the patches are no big deal. Oftentimes, it is difficult to identify whether the growth is mold, fungus, or mildew. Therefore, if spots are found, simply scrape off a small patch of the material and conduct a home test.

Put a small amount of bleach on the area. If there is no reaction, you likely have mold or mildew growing on your siding. If this is the case, it is best to contact a professional as soon as possible.

In cases involving homeowners who tried to take care of the issue themselves, it led to their house becoming unsafe and uninhabitable.

More serious types of damage could be present if left untreated for a long period of time. Wood decay, along with rotting within the wall and structure is common when fungus or mildew on siding is left unattended.

If you suspect that your home is in need of siding replacement due to fungus, mold or mildew, make sure to take preventative action and contact an expert as soon as possible.

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Noticing the Signs of Siding Replacement

Now that you know the signs of siding replacement, you can stay on guard. If you’ve noticed any of these signs on your home, please contact a professional right away!

By doing so, you can protect the structure of your home and extend its longevity. Thankfully, new siding repair isn’t something you have to worry about often. Once it’s done, it should last a while!

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