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The Carpet Tile With A Conscience: 5 Tips For Choosing Recyclable Carpet Tiles

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Sustainability is a concept many are adopting into their lifestyles. Industries and companies are also participating in this movement by changing how they manufacture and introduce their goods to the market.

One of the innovative ways of going green that’s becoming popular in the construction industry is the recyclable carpet tile. This tile has an upper layer of fiber and backing at the bottom. The fibers at the top are made of carpet material, in this case, recyclable materials.

If you’re a green environment enthusiast looking for environmentally friendly carpet tiles, how will you know the right one for your needs?  That said, here are some tips to consider when choosing recyclable carpet tiles:

Best Tips For Choosing Recyclable Carpet Tiles

Consider Thermal And Acoustic Properties

Recyclable carpet tiles cover your floor area. No one wants to have cold feet as they walk around their home. Therefore, you need to consider the thermal insulation of your floor. The thickness of your carpet tiles greatly determines the thermal properties you’ll enjoy. Therefore, choose a carpet with a bigger thickness if you aim to keep your floors warm. 

Sound insulation is another aspect you need to consider in your space. This could be in your home, where your children play and make a lot of noise. Acoustic properties are also desirable for offices, such as a complex that has several floors. Different activities take place in an office, and you might not want the noise to transfer from one floor to the next through the floor.

For example, you want the boardroom to be as quiet as possible. Therefore, the top and bottom floors should have adequate insulation. Recyclable carpet tiles will help you achieve the quietness you desire through their thickness. The thick carpet will ‘swallow’ the noise, preventing it from being transmitted from one place to another.

Check The Material Composition

Material composition refers to the materials used in making the carpets. For recyclable carpet tiles, manufacturers will use recyclable materials during manufacturing. Some of these materials may contain harmful fumes, with others being toxic. The danger extends if you’re prone to getting allergic reactions from fibers. 

Therefore, before making any purchase, ask the vendor about the materials used to make the carpet tiles. Alternatively, you can find this information on the product box used in the packaging. However, some manufacturers don’t divulge all information regarding the raw materials. In such a situation, consider searching for the brand name of the recyclable carpet tiles on Google or other search engines. Has any previous client complained of allergens?  Has the brand faced any bad publicity on claims of toxicity?  Be wary of brands with bad history and only buy from those with a clean record.

Test Their Durability

The durability of your recyclable carpet tiles determines if you’ll get value for your money. The longer a carpet tile serves you, the more viable the investment will be in the long run. What determines the longevity of your tiles? It’s the material composition. 

Materials used to manufacture recyclable floor tiles have different performance characteristics. Some will last, while others, not for so long. Once again, ask the vendor about the materials used on your desired carpet tiles as you make your purchase. Check the characteristics of each. Settle for the carpet tile with a promising future. 

Know Where You’ll Install Them

Where you plan to install your recyclable carpet tiles determines the type of tiles to choose. One aspect is direct exposure to the sun. Since carpet tiles are made from fibers and fabric, direct exposure to sunlight might affect the tiles’ aesthetic properties, causing fading. Therefore, if you plan on using your carpet tiles in an area receiving direct sun rays or outdoors, go for lightly-colored recyclable carpet tiles. 

Another crucial aspect is nearness to moisture-prone areas, such as your bathroom. It’s not advisable to place a carpet tile in your bathroom. The fibers will absorb moisture from your shower after you use it. Since it’s an enclosed space, the recyclable clay tiles will barely get time to dry up before the next moisture exposure. With time, your carpet tiles will provide room for the growth of mold and algae, which are both unhealthy and undesirable. Alternatively, your space will become stuffy, leading to poor air quality. 

Inquire About Costs

Cost is also an important factor to consider. There are many costs associated with recyclable carpet tiles, both short- and long-term.

The short-term costs include initial and installation prices. In some cases, transportation costs are also on this list. As the name suggests, the initial cost is what you’ll pay to acquire the carpet tiles, while the installation price is for putting your carpets in place. The installation cost is directly related to the ease or difficulty of installation. On the one hand, some vendors will offer installation for free. Recyclable carpet tiles are easy to install, needing no sub-floor. Therefore, you can expect the installation costs to be below. 

On the other hand, long-term costs are those you’ll incur while making use of the carpet. These are often maintenance costs. Maintaining your recyclable carpet tiles isn’t really taxing; you only need to vacuum them once a week, thoroughly cleaning them with shampoo once or twice a year. Consider seeking professional cleaning services to assist you with shampooing. If a section of your carpet tiles gets stained, you can easily detach it, remove the stain, and put it back in its place. 

Once you’ve identified all these costs and known the exact figures, compare the amount with your budget. Is it within or beyond your budget?  It’s advisable to stick to your budget to avoid a potential financial crisis. Choose the best option for your budget.


As you may have understood in this discussion, choosing recyclable carpet tiles isn’t a challenging task. With the right guidance, as offered by the tips mentioned above, you’ll be on the right track. Therefore, consider adopting the tips given herein, and you’ll love the look and feel of your recyclable carpet tiles for a long period of time. 

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