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The Ultimate Guide to Kid’s Bedroom Decor

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Did you know the home decor market was worth more than $737 billion in 2020? The demand for furniture and other decorative features continues to rise.

Are you one of the millions of parents searching for bedroom decor to decorate your child’s room? There are so many elements to decorating a room it might become overwhelming.

This guide will offer some tips to help create the perfect room for your child. Keep reading to learn more.

Add a Chalkboard Wall

A chalkboard wall is a great addition to your child’s room when redecorating. If your child loves drawing, this offers them the chance to express their artistry and creativity.

You won’t have to worry about your child damaging the walls because they’ll get to do all their artwork in one place. If they don’t like something they draw, it can be erased and they can start over again.

If you’re an artist, use the wall to draw a picture of something your child loves. You can also leave some inspirational messages for them to see in the morning.

Divide the Room Into Sections

Your child will be spending a lot of time in their room, so it’s important to make the most use of that space.

The room should have a play area where you keep your child’s games and toys. Functional furniture can also be a great addition to your child’s bedroom decor. A bench can double as storage space for extra toys, clothes, or bedding.

Create a study area in one corner of the room as well. Your child should have a desk, comfortable chair, and good lighting where they can complete their homework after school.

Mix and Match Decor

A great way to decorate your kid’s bedroom is by mixing patterns and colors. This will make their room more fun and imaginative.

Consider using contrasting colors to create a playful design. Mix up the decor to add more texture to the room. Use different patterns in the curtains, bedding, and carpets you add.

Add Some Natural Elements

Did you know spending more time in nature can make you a happier person? It can improve your mental health by boosting your mood and reducing stress.

This is why adding some natural elements to your kid’s new room is a perfect choice. Consider adding some houseplants in a few spots in the room. This can bring nature indoors, add a unique element to the decor, and purify the air in the room all at once.

You can also use earthy colors throughout the room that resemble the outdoors. Greens and yellows are great choices. Add furniture made from natural materials like bamboo or wood.

Choose a Fun Headboard

Choose a unique headboard to create bedroom decor your child will love. An intricate design will add a compelling element to the decor.

You can also choose a headboard with a bright color to create contrast against the other decor items. Choose headboards in different shapes like hearts, clouds, or seashells, depending on your child’s interests.

Make their room a fun place to be with a headboard that makes a statement.

Repaint the Furniture

When completing a room renovation for your child, you can create a new design with decor items you already own. This will help you save time and money on the renovation.

If you have a dresser you want to pass on to your child, you can modernize it with a new layer of paint.

Cut back on the work you have by leaving the walls in a neutral color and painting the dresser in a bright color. Something like coral or blue can add a fresh new element to the room.

Make sure to choose decor that matches well with the color you chose for the furniture.

Bookshelves Are a Must

Bookshelves are a wonderful addition to your child’s room. Adding an array of books to your child’s room will encourage them to read and use their imagination.

Add the bookshelf to the study area of your child’s bedroom. You can also maximize the space in their room by adding a few wall shelves.

Reserve this space for their favorite series of books. Add a few toys or collector’s items from the world of the books for decor.

Capture Their Personality

The best way to decorate your child’s room is in their likeness. Choose decor items that truly capture their personality.

Pick out some decorations with your child to make sure they love their new room. Add elements that reflect their passions and hobbies.

If your child loves photography, create a gallery wall filled with frames of their best work. If you have a child who loves music, decorate their room with their favorite instruments. They’ll love seeing their favorite lyrics framed and displayed on the wall.

Throw Pillows Add Texture

Throw pillows are a great addition to your children’s bedroom. These pillows are a simple way to add a new element to a room and make it look completely different.

Choose a few different patterns for your throw pillows but make sure to choose ones that match the color scheme in your child’s room. You can buy these throw pillows online or sew them yourself.

If you have some plain pillows in your closet, you just have to buy the fabric and get to work. Add a textural element to the bedroom design with this idea.

Pops of Color

Adding a few pops of color instead of painting entire walls is another way to create new energy in the room. Leave the walls in your child’s room bare and paint a few polka dots in bright colors on one wall.

Add a neon-colored rug and a few decorative pieces in the same color scheme. Keep the rest of the furniture and walls white so you don’t overwhelm the room with color. Neon colors are a playful decor element most kids will love.

Bunk Beds Are Great

Bunk beds are the right way to go when your children will be sharing a room. Use different colored bedding to reflect each child’s personality.

Choose bunk beds with shelves or drawers so the furniture can double as storage space too. Choose suspended bunk beds for a smaller room and paint the ladder in a bright color for a cooler design. Make sure the bunks have guardrails to ensure your children’s safety when they sleep.

Wallpaper Creates a Unique Design

Other design ideas you or your children might like include adding wallpaper to the walls. You can choose a design to cover the entire room or direct the focus to one wall.

If you decide to add wallpaper to one wall, leave the rest of the walls plain so you can create a bold design without having too much going on. Choose a wallpaper mural for a beautiful design that’s easy to put up.

No matter what kind of interests your child has, you’ll find a wallpaper mural design they’ll love. Choose from jungle to space scenes. Browse here to find what you’re looking for.

Decorate the Ceiling

While you don’t necessarily have to include ceiling decorations when renovating your child’s bedroom, you can create a magical design with a few simple changes.

While you can go with the popular glow-in-the-dark stars, there are many other options to choose from. Consider painting the ceiling a bright color while leaving the walls plain. This can add a unique element while saving you money.

Add a Statement Piece

Center the decor in your child’s room around one statement piece. Once you have one bold piece in the room, choosing the wall paint and other decor items becomes easier.

You can choose a piece of wall art or a dresser as your statement piece. Once you’ve chosen your statement piece, choose a color scheme and decor items that match.

Choose a Theme

When determining the bedroom design for your child’s room, you should consider choosing a theme.

The trick to decorating with a theme is choosing elements that can transfer over if your kid decides they want new decor in a few years.

Choose a neutral color for the furniture and walls while adding bedding and posters of your child’s favorite movie or show.

Bedroom Decor Ideas Your Child Will Love

If you need help choosing the right bedroom decor for your child’s room, the ideas in this guide should offer some inspiration. Mix patterns for a playful element or choose a wallpaper mural to cover one wall.

Check out some of the other home improvement blogs on our site to learn more decor tips and tricks.

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