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5 Things to Consider When Planning a Flooring Renovation

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Are you trying to decide on taking on a flooring renovation this year? You’re not alone.

37% of US households replaced their floors in the past 12 months. A large percentage of them were renters. Home renovations seldom depend on decisions as difficult as a new floor.

Whether it’s part of a house redesign or not, there are a number of questions that you need to consider. Keep reading to find out the top five things to consider for your new floors.

1. What’s My Budget?

Finding out your budget will immediately cut out a whole segment of flooring options off the bat. It could also determine whether you can afford new tools or renting them for a DIY, or splurging on a professional flooring contractor.

Ultimately, the greatest consideration is whether or not you have the resources to undertake the project. A flooring liquidator has a lot of stock at great prices to get you started on this decision. Go here to see their flooring options and get ideas.

2. How Much Traffic Do My Floors Get?

Real hardwood floors have a smell, look, and feel that are almost unmatchable — almost. Today there are more options than ever before, especially for high traffic areas.

Not having children or pets can really help to save your floors, or help you decide to hold off on renovation for a little while longer. Children and pets often take luxurious softwoods out of the equation, and even some hardwoods.

You can always go with laminate or vinyl flooring, though. Both options have amazing texture and aesthetic appeal over offerings twenty or more years ago. Almost nothing beats the durability of these products.

Porcelain tile can last for decades, but can easily chip in a kitchen where heavy metal objects often fall on them.

3. Do I Need to Refloor My Whole House?

You don’t need to, but it does look a little weird to have new flooring in one area and not another. Thankfully, there are some great options for answering this question. Hardwood will be difficult to match, so you can buy it in bulk and match it in every area you’ll want it.

Tiling can work better in bathrooms, where floods and wet floors are a common occurrence.

Vinyl and Laminate win out again with perfect floor matching for doing projects in phases. You’ll also have options for different flooring patterns in different areas of the house. Best of all, you can always find matching floors later if you don’t want to store extra flooring.

4. What’s My Style?

Hardwood isn’t for everyone, neither is tile. With Vinyl and laminate flooring you can have anything you like in a durable and aesthetic package.

Both can imitate hardwood floors, but also stone, tile, or reclaimed wood. The sky’s the limit on style with vinyl and laminate floors. The only thing to look out for is repetition. Try to get as many different tiles or slats as you can.

5. What Are my Lifestyle Needs?

Children, pets, and allergies somewhat determine your purchasing decisions as much as your budget does.

Allergies from subflooring or carpets, synthetic materials or natural ones, can be a big deal. No one can live with allergies forever without getting miserable. Make sure you can literally live with your decisions.

Considered: Your Flooring Renovation

Now that you know the top flooring renovation considerations, it’s time to start planning. No doubt you’ll have more questions as you go through your planning phases.

Don’t worry, we’ve got the best tips you need to get through your home improvement projects, real estate markets, or decoration. Keep browsing to find all you need in one place!

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