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Things to Know for Perfectly Polishing Granite Tiles

Things to Know for Perfectly Polishing Granite Tiles

When it comes to floor tiles, granite has always had a timeless appeal, however, you need to be able to rely on a quality granite polishing pad if you want to get the most out of this popular stone flooring.

As granite tiles are particularly strong, they have the potential to save you a lot of money in the long term. Moreover, granite has more longevity than marble flooring, which tends to become dull and scratched after about 2 or 3 years. Granite floor tiles will not need to be replaced until 8 to 10 years have passed. Furthermore, granite has the added benefit of being water-resistant and opaque to liquids. Not to mention that from an aesthetic point of view, granite looks stunning.

With that being said, however, granite does require some level of maintenance if you want to keep it looking good and in tip-top condition. By far, the best way of polishing granite floors is by using granite polishing pads. However, working out the best polishing pads for your granite and the right process can be tricky if you’re new to caring for granite.

But worry not though because help is at hand. In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to perfectly polish your granite tiles every time, including why you should use polishing pads and how to use them, plus expert tips for getting that perfect polish without fail.

Why Should You Choose to Polish Your Granite Tiles With Polishing Pads?

When it comes to cleaning granite tiles, you’ll find there are several options. Each of these cleaning options has its own unique pros and cons. While it is possible to simply mop your granite floor tiles or get rid of stains using soap and water, for the best results, it is always worth giving your granite tiles a proper deep-clean using polishing pads if you want them to truly shine.

Maintain Shine or Matte Finish

First and foremost, using specifically designed polishing pads on a granite floor will give it a real sparkle that stands the test of time. Even for those who prefer their granite floors to have a matte finish, this is easy to achieve with polishing pads. You just need to implement a honing process that will give you that matte finish you’re after.

Remove Scratches, Stains & Marks

When your granite floors are left unpolished, they are more susceptible to food stains from spillages, corrosion from poor cleaning procedures, and scratches from regular foot traffic. In some sense, polishing the floor using granite polishing pads acts as a sealant for the floors and provides protection from these everyday hazards.

Enjoy Easier Maintenance

Once you get into the habit of regularly polishing your granite floor tiles with granite polishing pads to achieve the desired shine or matt finish, maintenance becomes far easier. This is because you will be following a set routine, as well as working with granite tiles that are in better condition.

See a Visible Reflection

Once you’ve polished those granite floor tiles using polishing pads, you’ll notice a clear reflection of light on the floor. This demonstrates the depth of the polishing process and contributes to the tiles’ stunning appearance.

Limits Damage

While there are several solutions available on the market when it comes to polishing floors, a lot of them make the granite tiles slick and damage them in some way. Using good-quality granite polishing pads, however, prevents the floor from becoming slippery, thereby reducing the potential for damage and accidents.

How Do You Make Your Granite Look New Again Using Polishing Pads?

Due to the durable nature of granite, especially when compared to marble or terrazzo, it does mean a more thorough polishing process, which can only really be done using granite polishing pads.

When it comes to physically polishing your granite tiles with polishing pads, the process can be divided into three straightforward steps.

Grinding the Granite

First up, the granite polishing pads are used to perform a grinding procedure that breaks the top layer of the flooring. Granite polishing pads use tough diamond dust to chip off that fine top layer of granite to get to the pristine material beneath. Depending on the condition of your tiles, as well as the surface area you are dealing with, you may need to use more than one pad.

To grind through the granite, you will need to attach your granite polishing pads to a regular floor scrubbing or polishing machine. Then you need to put some water on the granite surface you intend on polishing before the procedure. As you work at the tiles, you’ll find that any embedded dirt starts to come up, along with any scratch marks being polished away.

Honing the Granite

Now it’s time to hone the granite. This is a more refined grinding process where you’re working away at any little scratches that may have been created from grinding. Work carefully to get that pristine granite showing.

 Polishing the Granite

Now that you’ve got an unblemished granite tile, you can polish it for that final perfect look. Be sure to use water currently to help make the granite tiles shine.

Tips for Getting That Perfect Polish on Your Granite Floor Tiles

Having outlined the three-stage process for polishing granite floor tiles using polishing pads, it is time to provide you with some additional tips to help you get that perfect polish for your floors.

Opt for Wet Polishing Wherever Possible

Although it is possible to use a dry polishing technique when you work with granite polishing pads, wet polishing provides a superior finish that is more cost-effective. Moreover, wet polishing prevents the granite polishing pads from overheating and wearing out too quickly.

It is worth noting, however, that not all projects can be tackled using the wet polishing method, as it can create a water-based slurry during the polishing process. For example, if you’re working in a busy public space where you can’t close if off from foot traffic, you may need to opt for dry polishing. However, if you’re just polishing your home tiles, wet polishing should be fine, if you’re prepared for a little bit of cleanup if needed. It is, therefore, important to use your discretion. So, evaluate the space you are working in to determine whether the use of diamond polishing pads is appropriate and accordingly choose the right polishing technique for that project.

Keep Your Polishing Pads Clean

One of the minor details that many people tend to overlook when they think about polishing their granite floor tiles is cleaning the polishing pads too. While it may be easy to forget this when the job is done and you have those shiny granite floors, there are several good reasons why cleaning your polishing pads during and after polishing is important.

Firstly, the polishing pads accumulate various particles as you use them, and this continuous build-up of particles can result in the granite polishing pads losing their corrective ability. This means their ability to serve their intended purpose would diminish, too, leading to an ineffective polishing process or you having to work harder.

Furthermore, if the pores of the polishing pad accumulate a lot of residues and become saturated, you may notice splatters or smearing on the floor tiles you are busy polishing. Again, this defeats the whole point of the polishing process entirely and potentially leaves the tiles dirtier than they were initially.

Cleaning those polishing pads will also serve to enhance the durability of the product and extend its lifetime. Although polishing pads are replaceable, they don’t come cheap, so increasing their longevity will do your wallet a favor. Choosing not to clean your polishing pads will leave them dirty and even unusable when you next come to use these crucial tools.

Finally, using clean polishing pads increases efficiency by ensuring you can clean up your granite floors more speedily. Conversely, using dirty polishing pads will just create more work for you and leave you with an unsatisfactory result.

Are You Ready to Get Your Granite Tiles Shining?

In short, while there are several options available for those looking to get their granite tiles looking shiny and new, the best method really is using polishing pads. Granite polishing pads have several benefits if you have the knowledge to use these specialist tools properly and in the most effective way. Following the tips and insights provided in this article should see you achieving impressive results for your granite surfaces with the use of granite polishing pads.

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