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Top 10 Exterior Paint Colors 2023

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The exterior paint job on your home is the first thing people see when they walk up to your front door or drive through your neighborhood. The perfect paint job can boost the value of your home, whether you’re selling it or not.

When it comes to exterior paint colors 2021, there are a lot to choose from. Bringing your unique style from inside your home to the outside is easier than you think. Keep reading to see a breakdown of the most popular exterior paint colors and what they can do for your home.

1. Creamy White Exteriors

White has always been a popular color trend for the exterior paint color of homes, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that white is on this list! This color is perfect for brightening up the exterior of your home. If you have colorful doors or windows, this color is great for complimenting them.

Warm, creamy whites give you the aesthetic of a white exterior without being blinding. The warm tone will be clean and welcoming for visitors.

2. Black Exteriors

Black might seem dark, but it’s perfect if you have a modernist aesthetic. Modern aesthetics lean towards darker monochrome styles with touches of color.

This will make your house stand out. No matter what the style of your home’s architecture is, a black exterior will match it. This color will also complement the brilliant green color of your grass.

A black paint exterior can be a big jump for some homeowners. You can always try it in smaller parts, like a front door or window trim. Or, you can break up the black with wood tones.

3. Beautiful Blue Exteriors

Blue tones are classic, beautiful, and refreshing. This color reminds people of the sky and sea.

Navy is a classic color for home exteriors. The color is dark, so it can fit a modern aesthetic. But, it is not as dark as a black exterior so it will not seem as extreme.

Slate blue is a good middle ground. The grey undertones keep it neutral, but you still get the personality a blue exterior has to offer.

If you like white exteriors but want to spice things up, light blue should be a go-to. It isn’t as dark as navy, but can still complement other design elements of your home. Different lighting will also change the way this color looks, which gives you a nice variety without extra work.

4. Green Variety Exteriors

Green exteriors are new, fresh, and remind people of nature. It’s more adventurous than blue tones, so make sure to do test swatches before you commit!

Exterior painting services such as Brush Masters XP can help you test out colors before you finalize anything. Painting the exterior of your home is a big, and sometimes expensive project. Testing out swatches beforehand can help prevent any mistakes from happening.

Earth green tones are inspired by mother nature. The brightness of this shade can range, so you can go as light or dark as you want. It does have a more neutral undertone.

Vibrant green shades are rich, deep, and more noticeable than the earth green tones. With vibrant greens, you can get right bright. This is a great color for complimenting brickwork or darker home exterior elements.

Similar to slate blue, gray-green tones give you the benefits of the color green without being as noticeable. This color is less like the green of your grass and more like the color of moss. It’s a great option if you have white accents.

5. Light Grey Exteriors

Light grey is another great option if you want a lighter home but don’t like the idea of a white or color exterior. Grey is an excellent neutral shade that comes in a variety of tones.

Light greys come in warm, cool, and neutral tones. If you like the idea of a green exterior, we recommend going with a warm tone. If you like blue, a cool tone is a better option. Neutral tones will have a hint of brown.

6. Beige Exteriors

Like white, beige exteriors have been popular for a long time. It’s a classic color that can’t be beaten!

Beige is another warm, welcoming color that goes with any exterior accents. This color also won’t fade to a yellow tone. The timeless nature of this color will keep your house relevant every year.

7. Bronze Exteriors

It’s difficult to build a house out of metal sheets, but you can paint the exterior of your house to look like you did! Bronze is a warm, dark brown color.

If you like beige but want something darker, bronze is a good option. It won’t be as overwhelming as a black exterior. Bronze will also stand out without being an eyesore.

To take this color a step further, add bronze features to your home. Bronze lights and window exteriors can bring out the warmth in this color.

8. Pewter Exteriors

Pewter is another metallic exterior color that goes great with wood or nature-themed accents. Pewter is a mid-toned grey with a slight hint of green.

This is a neutral tone with a bit of personality to it. Instead of going bright and colorful, you can have a neutral home that still shows off your sense of creativity.

9. Charcoal Exteriors

For many people, black is too dark. But, they still want the richness that the color has to offer. Charcoal exteriors can give you the richness of a black exterior without being as dark.

This color is adventurous and can bring an edge to your home exterior. It goes with any outdoor accent you can think of.

10. Wood Tone Exteriors

For a natural look to your home, consider wood tones. Wood tones are warm, earthy, and can even be used for dual-tone exteriors.

Wood tones can also add a texture to the exterior of your home. This texture can help modernize the look of your house without having to go too dark.

Use Exterior Paint Colors 2021 and Improve Your Home Today!

There are a lot of exterior paint colors 2021 for you to pick from! The next step is going out and getting some samples to decide which color is going to be best for your home.

If you liked this article and want more home improvement advice, check out the rest of our blog.

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