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What Are the Different Types of Beds That Exist Today?

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You may have thought there are a few types of beds that exist today. The truth of the matter is there are dozens of bed types to choose from! And it’s worth checking out the different types, as you may be surprised how one of them could enhance your bedtime routine.

Whether you require a space-saving or an ultra-comfy bed design, there’s something out there for you. So please, read on and find out about a multitude of different beds you could choose for you and your family. We’ll touch upon some excellent transformative options that are ideal for when guests come to visit.

Twin-Size Beds

A twin mattress is one of the smallest beds available. They have a width of 38 inches and a length of 75 inches. They’re excellent for space-saving in small apartments for single people. They’re also great for children, and they are the best mattresses to make into bunk beds.

If you want a little more room to sleep, you might want to go for a Twin XL. Twin XL mattresses are somewhat longer than a standard twin mattress. They have a width of 38 inches and a length of 80 inches. They are ideal for taller single people who want to make more use of their limited living space.

Double and Queen-Size Beds

A double mattress and (sometimes known as a full) has a width of 53 inches and a length of 75 inches. It measures 16 inches longer than a twin.

Single sleepers, such as young people or new graduates, would appreciate the double-size bed. It’s also suitable for use in hotel rooms.

Queen mattresses have a width of 60 inches and a length of 80 inches. They are ideal for couples and have sufficient room for solitary sleepers. A queen-size bed will work well In master suites that are around 10×10 feet.

King-Size Beds

At 76 inches in width and 80 inches long, king mattresses are the largest mattress available. These are the best mattresses for singles who prefer to stretch out and couples with children and pets.

California king mattresses have a width of 72 inches and a length of 84 inches. It’s the world’s longest mattress; therefore, it’s ideal for those who are six feet or more. California King beds can easily accommodate two individuals. They may lack the width for including children or pets that want to jump into bed.

Daybeds and Futons

Daybeds are adaptable, and you can use them as a bed, a couch, or a bench. They have the same function as a futon and can add a different sense of style when compared to a futon.

They come in various forms and sizes, although twin beds are the most common. Plus, daybeds are great for guest rooms, home offices, and patios.

A futon, like a daybed, may serve as both a sofa and a bed. It’s a classic Japanese bed style that’s ideal for tiny spaces and flats. It’s a foldable bed, so it’s simple to store, and you can place it almost anywhere in your home.

Waterbeds and Air Beds

Waterbeds are not the most common sort of mattress, yet they offer a number of advantages. One advantage of waterbeds is their ability to soothe tight muscles.

In fact, professionals even use these bed types in various types of physical treatment. For example, you can heat the water inside a waterbed to reduce strain on hurting joints and provide a therapeutic benefit.

Air beds are not the same as air mattresses, even though you fill them both with air. An air bed is more permanent and intended for use in the house rather than camping or traveling. You can use them as ordinary beds or pull-out sofas.

Bookcase and Murphy Beds

Bookcase beds are ideal for anybody who enjoys curling up with a nice book before going to sleep. The headboard on this bed type comes with a built-in bookshelf, so you can conveniently reach your nighttime reading material.

Murphy beds are also known as pull-down beds or wall beds. They are for individuals who wish to make the most of their space. Hinges on one end of a Murphy bed allow you to fold it up and stow it away against your wall.

Most beds in this form include storage on the sides, allowing you to maximize your living space. In studios and tiny flats, they are ideal. Why not check out these murphy beds?

Convertible Beds

Convertible beds will appeal to you if you find value in versatile furniture in the home. A convertible bed can transform from a bed to a couch and back again.

They look beautiful in almost any area in the house. However, people tend to use them most in their guest rooms.

Four-Poster and Low-Poster Beds

The unique posts that come up from each corner distinguish four-poster beds. This bed type is a typical addition to a spacious bedroom. From rustic to royal, the posts can come in an array of designs.

A low-poster bed features posts that come up from every corner, similar to four-poster beds. The height of the posts is what distinguishes this bed. The posters on this sort of poster bed are lower, often only a few inches in height.

Pencil-Poster and Half-Poster Beds

Pencil poster beds, like the previous poster beds, have four posts at every bed corner. The posts, on the other hand, are thinner and were popular in the eighteen hundreds.

Half poster beds are the final member of the poster bed series. The poster sizes is what distinguishes this poster bed type. The posters are short at the end of the bed, but the top posters are standard size.

Round Beds

Round beds have a circular shape. The mattress with this type of bed is the same length as a king-size.

This unique bed is ideal for reclining and looks fantastic in the theater room, TV room, or by an expansive window. They are also a good talking point for guests.


Divan beds are distinguished by their uniquely constructed foundation, made out of a hardwood frame enclosed in fabric. Sometimes designers put in draws and a headboard for extra storage in the base.

It also includes a mattress that will interact with the foundation for better comfort. These are some of the best beds for individuals who want to buy a bed and mattress at the same time.

Ottoman Beds

The ottoman bed should appeal to any smart homeowner. Underneath an ottoman bed is hydraulics that elevates the mattress to expose more storage capacity. This bed is ideal for individuals who want to simplify their living space while adding extra storage.

Other bed options help you to make the best use of space. However, the ottoman bed stands out because it retains the comfort levels of a standard bed.

Canopy Beds

A typical canopy bed features posters extending from every bed corner, similar to a four-poster bed. The posters link to form a frame all-around the bed, which makes this sort of bed unique.

The posters on such a classic canopy bed are often wood and rather thick. You can then have fabric draped over the frame for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Contemporary canopy beds are modern versions of the classic canopy design, updated for the present day. They feature a thin frame and are available in several materials to complement your own taste. This bed’s design can fit into almost any bedroom and can provide height to the tiniest spaces.

Half Tester

A half tester bed is similar to a poster bed, but its feet are lower, and posters rise at the corners by the headboard. Thus, we use the term “half” in this instance.

Such beds were popular in the late seventeen hundreds. They may still be found in old buildings, and there are some modern designs to choose from these days.

Panel Beds

Rails run the length of a panel bed, from foot to head. This bed is designed to hold a mattress as well as mattress foundations.

The base of the bed is often made with wood panels. This is to improve ventilation and extend the life of the foundation and mattress.

Hanging and Enignum Beds

Hanging beds are suspended with ropes, chains, or wires from the ceiling. You can use a hanging bed in many different ways in your home, despite its unique form.

Hanging beds are ideal for individuals who want to rock to sleep. You can use them as outdoor lounge furniture, in your living room, or use one as a bed in the conventional sense.

Joseph Walsh invented the Enignum bed, a distinctive form of canopy bed. The pattern at the top of the bed makes the design unique. Thin wood pieces arch above and over the bed, and silk curtains often drape over these arches.

Magnetic Floating Beds

One of the oddest bed types that we’re checking out in this post is magnetic-floating beds. These sorts of beds are comprised of permanent magnetic material.

The bed lifts off the ground due to powerful opposing magnets and cables keeping it in place. This style of bed is unique, expensive, and more of a showpiece than anything else.

Sonic Beds

Sonic beds feature built-in speaker systems. When laid in this bed, you are surrounded by walls to enjoy intimate surround sound.

The bed is three feet from the ground and resembles a substantial wood tank. This bed might be ideal for you if you enjoy listening to podcasts while sleeping or relaxing with classical music.

Rocking and Wave Beds

Rocking beds use circular frames with motors to simulate a swaying action. The bed will rock in a smooth manner once you turn the motor on, soothing you to sleep.

A wave bed’s structure is wave-shaped and typically made with various materials, such as wood and leather. In contemporary houses, this sleep arrangement looks fantastic.

Indoor Hammocks

A hammock is constructed of rope or canvas. You suspend it by connecting the ropes on either end to higher support.

Hammocks are often associated with outside camping or lounging. However, in recent times they have popular beds for indoor use.

Unupholstered and Open Frame Beds

The frames of upholstered beds come in a range of materials. These materials can include velvet, suede, and imitation leather.

The fabric is placed on the padding’s top layer, making these beds’ headboards extraordinarily soft and comfy. It’s ideal for folks who want to work or read while lying in bed.

Open-frame beds have a metal frame and are a minimalist form of bed. These frames are available in a wide range of designs, all of which have open rectangular sections. They look fantastic in contemporary houses and offer a touch of class to every bedroom.

The Best Beds for the Smart Homeowner

So we’ve now looked at a wide range of bed types. Since there are so many, it can be challenging to know which ones to choose. There’s also the homeownership dilemma of selecting the best mattresses for your needs.

A good piece of advice is that when in doubt, opt for traditional tried and tested options. If you have a large master suite, go for a king-size bed and mattress or the California version. If you have a tiny apartment, murphy beds are a proven space-saver.

Then, if you want to deviate from the norm, you could always consider adding a unique bed type into the mix. For example, you could opt for a round bed if you have a theater room.

There Are Many Types of Beds

You might be surprised that we haven’t covered all the beds available around the world. We just couldn’t fit them all in! However, you should now have a much better idea about the types of beds you can choose on the market today.

Many thanks for checking out this post. Please consider heading over to our main blog page for more handy tips and advice.

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