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What Are the Different Types of Junction Boxes That Exist Today?

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Do you have an electrical system project that you’d like to start at home? Well, it’ll serve your interest better if you familiarize yourself with the necessary component before beginning. This will help you create a system that’s efficient and free from hazards.

Knowing the types of junction boxes available should be the first order of business. Junction boxes protect the wiring, receptacle, and ceiling fan that are integral for the proper functioning of a system.

Further, the electrical boxes will make it easier to access the system’s wiring. This is if you wish to replace a component once the system is up and running.

Did you know that junction boxes aren’t the same? Here are some common types that you’ll come across.

1. Metal and Plastic: Most Common Types of Junction Boxes

Manufacturers rely mostly on metal or plastics in the electronics industry to make electrical boxes. Metal boxes are desirable when you are running wiring through a metal conduit. Metal boxes are good at grounding the wiring and the conduit in this instance.

it’s preferable to select plastic junction boxes if you are using a cable that’s made of other materials apart from metal. It’s very important to include a cable clamp to assist in attaching the cable to the box in this process. Doing this will enhance the security of the box.

2. Standard Rectangular Boxes

These are great for fitting outlet receptacles or single light fixtures switches. You’ll find them in the market going by other names like one-gang or single gang boxes. Some models have detachable sides that you can remove so you link multiple of them together to form a larger one.

3. Round Pan Electrical Boxes

These electrical components have a depth of either ½ or ¾ inch. They are perfect for fixtures whose weight is doesn’t exceed 50 pounds. These boxes are shallow, so they can accommodate two to three connections at a time.

Choose the IP rated junction box of this nature for extra protection. The IP rated box will prevent the intrusion of dust or water into the connections.

4. Round and Octagon Junction Boxes

Do you need extra room for the electrical connections? Then round and octagon boxes are your go-to in the electronics engineering world. Standard-size round boxes or the octagon one have a depth that ranges from 1.5 to 3 inches.

They are capable of supporting wall and ceiling-mounted fixtures of up to 50 pounds. They often have ‘ears’. You can use these ‘ears’ to fasten the box to existing applications.

5. Ceiling Fan-Rated Box

These come in a variety of sizes. The common ones are the pancake and the standard versions. The deep pancake version is about ½ an inch deep while the standard one is 2 ½ inches deep.

The ceiling fan boxes have a special fastening. It helps them to withstand the effects of dynamic loading resulting from a fan’s rotation.

Stay Informed to Make the Right Selection

The different types of junction boxes can make it hard to select the one that’s appropriate for your project. But you can get over the confusion by understanding the role each box plays. This will help you increase the efficiency of your system and minimize errors.

The above are just a starting point as there are other forms. Browse through this section for more articles like this.

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