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What Questions Should I Ask a Roofing Contractor Before Hiring Them?

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Has your roof sprung a leak? Maybe the shingles are starting to look worn and aged. If you’re experiencing issues with your roof, call a roofing contractor right away.

Otherwise, your roof might collapse when the next major storm hits.

There are now over 161,000 roofers across the US. Before hiring someone, it’s important to vet your options. Otherwise, they might do more harm than good while working on your roof.

You might have to hire another company to fix the damage the first team caused.

Don’t waste valuable time and money! Instead, start your search for the best roofing company using these tips today.

Things to know before Hiring Roofing Contractor

1. How Long Has the Company Operated?

First, talk to your friends, family members, and neighbours. Ask if any of them have hired residential roofers recently. If they have, ask about their experience.

For example, you can ask:

  • Did the team arrive on time?
  • Were they professional and knowledgeable?
  • Did you have any issues working with them?
  • How were those issues resolved?
  • How long did it take?
  • What services did you request?
  • How much did it cost?

Speaking with people in your inner circle can help you build a list of options. You can also gather the information you might not find online.

If your inner circle can’t point you in the direction of local roofers, that’s okay. Instead, start your search online. Google “residential roofers near me” and start building your list.

While you’re online, look at each company’s Better Business Bureau listing. Look for an “About Us” page on their website, too. Then, determine how long each company has run and operated.

Try to find a business that’s existed for at least over a year. A long-established business has likely won the respect of locals.

A new business, on the other hand, might still need to work out operational kinks. They might lack hands-on experience in the industry, too. Instead, choose a team that’s spent time in the roofing industry.

You can rely on their experience and expertise. An experienced team like Point Roofing won’t struggle to answer your questions. They’ll have a plan in place before they start working on your roof, too.

Choosing an experienced roofing contractor will give you peace of mind. They won’t make costly mistakes while working on your property.

2. Can I See Proof of Your License and Insurance?

Once you find an experienced team, make sure their paperwork is in order. Ask each company for proof that they’re licensed. Make sure their license is relevant to residential properties.

Double-check to make sure their license is up-to-date. If it’s not, scratch them off your list.

The team shouldn’t hesitate to provide proof of their license and insurance.

Make sure the company has comprehensive liability and worker’s compensation insurance. If they damage your property on the job, you won’t have to cover the costs. If someone gets hurt, they won’t hold you liable.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing a licensed, insured team is working on your roof. Otherwise, you might have to pay for these incidents out of your own pocket.

3. What’s Your Work Process?

Make sure you know exactly what your residential roofers have planned before they get started.

For example, do you need a roof repair or replacement services? If you need a roof replacement, they should tear your old roof down first. Otherwise, they’ll only add new shingles onto your existing roof.

Adding too many shingles onto your roof can cause unnecessary weight. The entire roof might collapse as a result.

Instead, make sure the roofing contractor has a plan in place.

4. Can You Provide Photos and References?

If you want to find the best roofing company in town, look for proof of their past projects. First, ask the company for photos of the recent homes they’ve worked on. They might have a portfolio on their website you can review.

Make sure their work meets your expectations. If it doesn’t, scratch that company off your list.

Ask for references and reviews, too. Try to speak with one or two of their recent clients. Then, ask each client if they were satisfied with the services they received.

Check the company’s Better Business Bureau and Google My Business listings, too. You might find one or two negative reviews. That’s normal.

If there’s an abundance of negative comments, however, scratch that company off your list. Instead, choose local roofers with a strong reputation. They’ll want to maintain that reputation by offering the best possible services.

5. Do You Offer a Warranty?

Before hiring a roofing contractor, ask if they offer a warranty. Make sure you know what’s covered under their warranty, too.

If you notice issues with your roof after they leave, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the team will come back. Otherwise, you might have to hire another contractor to fix the problem. You could waste time and money if that’s the case.

6. Can I Get an Estimate?

First, make sure the residential roofers you choose have experience with your roofing materials. The cost to replace a roof can vary based on different types of roofing.

Decay-resistant cedar can cost between $70 and $170 per hundred square feet. Clay and concrete tiles can cost $300 to $500 per hundred square feet.

Once you find a company that can work on your type of roof, ask for a quote. Make sure you know what’s included in the cost (such as labour and materials). Gather quotes from three local roofers.

Requesting more than one quote can help you gauge the average.

Then, review your notes. Don’t make your decision based on the price.

Instead, choose a company that can meet your needs and expectations.

Raise the Roof: 6 Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor Before Hiring

Don’t rush to hire the first roofing contractor you call. Instead, ask these six questions to vet your options. With these tips, you’ll have peace of mind knowing an experienced team is on the job.

Searching for more helpful tips? You’re in the right place.

Check out our latest guides today to get started.

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