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How to Tell If You Should Repair or Replace AC Unit

Replace AC Unit

Is it time to replace the AC unit? Of course, the air conditioning unit never decides to break down during the middle of the winter. That means it’s always the most inconvenient time for your air conditioner to break down.

If you have a faulty or old AC unit, you may be tempted to keep repairing it. It can often be more cost-effective to repair the problem rather than replace the whole unit. However, that’s not always the case.

Here are some signs that it’s time to replace your AC.

Why You Should Repair or Replace Your AC

1. Your AC Has Reached the End of Its Lifespan

No air conditioning unit is designed to work forever. Parts wear out and over time things will start to degrade after being exposed to water and heat for so long. In general, most air conditioning units are designed to last around ten years.

As long as you keep up with regular maintenance and repair any issues when they pop up, you should be on track to have a functioning AC unit for years. But when AC repair becomes more expensive than AC replacement, it’s time for a new unit.

2. Your Electric Bill is Rising

Another sign that you need to repair or replace your AC unit is an energy bill that starts to rise without an increase in your usage. You could have a broken thermostat switch, a leak in the ductwork, or your air conditioning unit may be getting old.

Either way, unless you don’t mind forking over obscene amounts for your energy bill, you need to repair or replace your air conditioning unit.

3. You Have Freon or Water Leaks Around the AC Unit

If you have moisture leaking around your AC system, you have a problem. You could have a leak in your refrigerant.

Freon is poisonous. Don’t attempt to handle it on your own. Contact a professional to take care of the repairs.

Sometimes, the leakage could be from water. You could have a broken tube or a blocked condensation tube. If you notice that water leaks out of the HVAC system, or you notice ice starting to develop inside the unit, you should contact someone to repair the AC.

4. Increased Frequency of AC Problems

If you need to have your AC unit repaired three or four times over a span of a few months, that’s a good indication that you need to replace it. It’s costly to replace an AC unit or an HVAC system. But it will be more expensive to just keep repairing the same problems over and over again.

5. Your AC Isn’t Removing Enough Humidity

One of the most important things your AC unit does is remove humidity from inside your house. Even if you live somewhere where there isn’t a lot of humidity, your AC needs to also remove humidity from the air.

If you notice that your house gets more humid the longer the AC runs, it’s time for a repair or a replacement.

6. Your AC Smells Weird

An air conditioning unit should have no smell or a neutral smell when you turn it on. If you notice a foul odor when you turn it on, there is a problem.

You could have a burned-out wire, mold in the unit or the ductwork, or something else clogging the ductwork. It’s important that you have a professional check out your HVAC system or air conditioning unit because you could get sick from mold or other dangerous things trapped in your ductwork.

7. The AC Is Overly Loud

If you hear grinding, squealing, scraping, or other unexpected loud sounds while your AC is on, you could have a problem. A belt could be breaking down or out of place inside the unit.

Get in touch with an air conditioner repair shop. Unless you’re experienced in repairing and maintaining HVAC units, it could be dangerous or more expensive in the long run to try to fix it yourself.

8. Air Doesn’t Blow From the Vents

If you have an issue with weak airflow, your compressor could be failing. This is one of the most common issues that arise in air conditioners. If you feel cool air when you turn your AC on but it isn’t coming out strong, air won’t circulate through the room and it won’t keep you cool.

9. The Thermostat Isn’t Working

Your AC unit’s thermostat is essentially the control panel of the entire system. It tells the AC when to turn on and off and how much cold air to create.

If your AC only runs for a short period of time before shutting off or if it won’t turn on, your thermostat may not be working. Don’t attempt to fix this problem yourself. This is a complex electrical project that requires experience to fix.

10. The AC Blows Warm Air

Lastly, if your AC blows warm air, it’s failing to do the one thing you bought it for. It has a specific job to keep your family cool and comfortable during the warm months.

If your AC is blowing warm air, it could be a sign of many different problems. You may have an issue with the compressor or thermostat. Either way, get in touch with an HVAC repair specialist to take care of the problem.

Is It Time to Replace the AC?

If you notice that these problems all happen at once, it’s time to replace the AC. The last thing you want is to run into problem after problem during the summer months when you can’t escape the heat anywhere. Air conditioning systems are expensive and you want to get the most value you can for your money.

Make sure you contact a reliable AC repair specialist before attempting any part of this job on your own.

For more tips on how to keep your home in top shape, keep reading!

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