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Brain Cancer from Zantac

brain cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease in this era we are in. It has swept off both old and young in our society. Cancer was discovered in 3000BC.

Scientifically, cancer is a disease where the cells in the body tend to increase uncontrollably. In our body, the cells should be moderate, but the infection triggers the growth of the cells. Our bodies have cells because the blood contains cells, and the blood flows through the body. Cancer can develop anywhere in the body; that’s why we have various types of cancers. Cancer can be treated and controlled if diagnosed at an early stage.

There are various causes of cancer that have been by doctors. This includes changes in the hormone levels in the body, inheritable cancer genes, sun exposure, using chemicals in our bodies, smoking, etcetera are causes that we can avoid no reducing the risk of cancer, e.g. smoking.

Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer is caused by cells multiplying uncontrollably. As this is happening inside our bodies, you may not know when the cells are increasing, so you need to know the symptoms bought about by cancer. Below are the symptoms of cancer.

Fatigue. As a human being, after a long day, you can feel your body so tired, and this is normal, but if you are drowsy all the time without doing any work, you need to visit a doctor and know the cause.

Skin changes. Every person has a standard colour skin spread evenly all over the body. If it reaches a point you find that your complexion is changing color to dark or reddish, that’s an alarming sign you should observe. At some point, you may get wounds that are not healing, as they should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

The brain can also be affected by cancer, hence the brain cancer from Zantac. The brain is a delicate part of the body whereby professional doctors; the neurosurgeons should be the only ones performing the brain surgery. When the brain has cancer, the only solution for diagnosis is surgery. However, if the growth is detected early, the neurosurgeons can operate on cancer and heal the patient completely.


Zantac is a medication that was eradicated from the market due to the high chemical known as N-nitrosodimethylamine. This compound is much unsafe for human consumption. Zantac is also known as Ranitidine. It is primarily used to treat acidity in the stomach. Patients with peptic ulcers and reflux usually take Ranitidine as their medication dose. The dose can be administered through the mouth, injected in the veins, or injected into the muscles.

How the Zantac drug causes brain cancer hasn’t been scientifically approved, but chances are during the intake of the drug, higher chances are that it may go through the brain via the veins. Due to its severe damage to the body, Zantac lawsuits ensure that patients who have brain cancer rising from taking the Zantac drug must be compensated fully.

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