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Cecil Ward Building Opening Hours (February 2024)

cecil ward building opening hours

Belfast City Council’s Building Control service is pivotal in maintaining the structural safety and standards of buildings across the city. They provide a public reception at Cecil Ward Building with open hours from Monday to Thursday (9 am to 5 pm) and Fridays (9 am to 4.30 pm), indicating their commitment to accessible and responsive service.

Key Services and Responsibilities


Building Control requires 24 hours notice for inspections, reflecting their effort to be efficient and flexible. This service is crucial for maintaining ongoing compliance with building regulations during various stages of construction and renovation.

Application Forms

They offer various forms for Building Regulations approval, catering to both domestic and non-domestic properties. This ease of access to application forms streamlines the process for individuals and businesses, facilitating compliance and safety in building works.

Building Regulation Costs

All works under the remit of Building Regulations incur a fee. These fees vary depending on the type of work, whether it’s a new build, alterations, or based on the estimated cost of the work. A detailed fee structure ensures transparency and aids in budget planning for individuals and businesses undertaking construction or alterations​.

Radon Information

Radon is a colourless, tasteless, and odourless radioactive gas naturally occurring in rocks and soil. With its potential health risks, especially linked to lung cancer, the council advises on radon levels in areas. It incorporates preventive measures in building works, particularly in areas identified as Zone 1 radon-affected areas​.

Dangerous Structures and Dilapidations

A dedicated section for reporting dangerous structures or dilapidated buildings indicates the council’s proactive approach to preventing potential hazards and ensuring public safety.

Energy Performance and Radon Information

Understanding the importance of energy efficiency and health, the council provides detailed information on Energy Performance Certificates and radon, an odourless gas that can have health implications.

Street Naming and Building Numbers:

The council is responsible for naming streets and numbering properties, which is critical for navigational ease, mail delivery, and emergency services. They provide a structured application process for developers and maintain the signs post-establishment, including provisions for dual-language street signs​.

Waste Storage Guidelines

All new homes and businesses require adequate waste storage and access facilities, as dictated by planning policy and building regulations. The council provides a comprehensive guide to help architects and builders design and implement effective waste storage solutions, ensuring environmental sustainability and compliance with regulations​.

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