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What Are the Characteristics of Cleaning a Store?

cleaning a store

The characteristics specific to each store mean that the stores have specific cleaning needs, depending on certain criteria. The store owner has to determine what works for his or her establishment and choose the services that will make the place cleaner and safer for customers.

The Location

If it is a pedestrian route, the location should be near a road, by the sea, in the city or in the countryside, etc. If the store is close to the roadside, it means more cleaning, since when cars pass by, it might cause a lot of dust and debris.

Size and Frequent Visits

The cleaning processes and techniques vary according to the size and the frequency of customer visits to each store. Examples would be a supermarket, a convenience store, an ice cream parlour, a ready-to-wear store, etc.

Hygiene Concerns

The nature of the activity and the legal constraints also have to be taken into consideration. Shops generally do not have the same hygiene concerns. This depends on the activity carried out within the shop as well as the related legal standards, such as the standards for the food industry. Being aware of all these specificities makes it possible to define cleaning specifications, allowing you to choose the best solution adapted to your store’s needs.

What is Suitable?

What cleaning services are suitable for stores? Depending on the needs of each store, which themselves vary according to the characteristics mentioned above, Houston janitorial services for professional cleaning might include:

  • Regular maintenance of retail spaces such as shelves, cabins, etc.
  • Sweeping and dusting off surfaces
  •  Cleaning of service areas
  • Disinfection and maintenance of sanitary facilities and management of hygiene products
  • Floor cleaning such as parquet floors, carpets, tiles, etc.
  •  The cleaning of the effects of degradation and the washing of the walls
  • Waste management and recovery
  • Sorting trash and garbage
  • Cleaning of glass surfaces
  • Maintenance and cleaning of common areas;
  • Maintenance of indoor and outdoor green spaces
  • Air purification and fragrance diffusion
  • The cleanliness of storage areas and the backroom

What techniques and equipment should be used for cleaning a store?

To maintain floors, vacuuming can clean them, whether they are hard, plastic, rugs and carpets, parquet flooring, etc. For washing large surfaces, professional cleaning companies use equipment such as scrubbers and cleaning trolleys to facilitate the removal of dirt from the floor.

The Windows

In order to ensure complete cleaning of windows and facades, the techniques and methods used are numerous, such as scraping, degreasing, etc. Windows can be cleaned using a squeegee with a bucket, dampener, or even a pole. When the cleaning is done at a certain height, the maintenance of the windows can be done by a rope under very rigorous safety conditions. It is a technique that requires particular know-how and specific equipment.

The Furniture

Ensuring the cleanliness of the displays and all the other furniture makes it possible not to dirty the clothes offered for sale. To do this, the cleaning work done by a janitorial service is carried out manually using a microfiber cloth or disinfectant wipes. This cleaning consists of dusting and dusting shelves, office equipment, and computer equipment.

Things to Consider

Indeed, the realization of a successful tailor-made janitorial service requires the development of an in-depth audit of the areas, criteria, and regulatory constraints of each store. Thus, companies specializing in janitorial cleaning train their cleaning agents in the methods, service, attitudes, and safety standards specific to your premises. In addition, the intervention schedule must comply with the specifications and be adapted to the structure and to the variations in inactivity, in order to guarantee the cleanliness necessary for the proper functioning of the store.

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