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A Complete Guide to Children’s Dancewear


If you’ve never had a dancer in classes before, it can feel overwhelming. From registering for class and securing your spot to getting fitted for shoes, prepping a child for dance class may be a lot of work.

Yet we’ve broken it all down for you here, so you don’t have to worry. Each part of their outfit is easy to figure out, and the dance school will provide guidelines as well.

Take a look below to learn more about the best dancewear for your child!

Leotards and Dresses

When your child starts dance classes, they’ll need a main outfit to wear to class. That’s where leotards come in. They come in different colors and styles, including some with a skirt attached.

Your child’s dance school may be strict about what type of leotard is required. Many ballet schools require that students wear black leotards with pink tights, and they cannot have sleeves.

Be sure to check and see which styles are appropriate for class. Depending on the type of class, more interesting colors and styles may work well. Jazz, poms, and even tap or modern dance classes have different outfit requirements.

Shoes and Other Dancewear

Your child will also need shoes for dance class. Some schools supply the shoes and help fit your child for their shoes. Others recommend a store in town where you can go to get a discount because of your school affiliation.

You may need to buy other children’s dancewear, too, like tights. Tights for dance are sturdier than fashion tights, and some have holes in the bottom of the feet so they can be rolled up to be worn footless. Be sure you know what colors are approved for dance class.

Depending on your climate and the season, your child may also need outerwear and warm-up clothing.

Other Dance Supplies

Besides the main items listed above, your child may need other dance supplies. This includes face masks for class, and some schools offer branded masks for sale. They may also have t-shirts and other clothing that your child could wear before and after class, or to performance or fundraiser events outside of dance class.

Click for more info to help you prepare for your child’s first dance class.

Makeup and Hair

No matter the age of your children, makeup and hairstyling will probably be part of your dance journey. Some teachers don’t mind what the hairstyle is, as long as it’s out of the dancer’s face. Others require a bun during class for uniformity and lack of distraction.

You can find easy tutorials on YouTube to help with dance hairstyles, and your teacher may even have suggestions or tools that will help.

Makeup is usually optional for class. For performances teachers may request bright blush and dramatic eyes so dancers don’t look washed out under stage lights.

Some schools handle the makeup backstage beforehand, and others expect you to arrive with your dancer made up. Be sure to ask questions so you know what to expect.

Unhindered Fun

When your child has the right dancewear, they can enjoy their dance classes without distractions. Your school’s requirements are in place to help the dancers focus on the steps and techniques presented in class. By helping your child be prepared, you’re giving them the tools they need to be a great dancer!

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