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Easy Tips To Groom Short Nails

groom short nails

Be it high -shine, matte, pastel shade, or shimmer texture, freshly painted fingernails in different shapes and sizes compliment everyone. Some people are blessed with long nails but for those with short nails, leveling up the nail fashion becomes a crucial task. In case you have got short nails, you can still ace your nail game with the help of some quick manicure tips. Looking after the short nails is easy, quick, and convenient and we are going to tell your life-saving hacks to look after short nails.

Tips to Maintain Short Nails

Keep them Well Shaped

For all those people who have short nails, the easiest way to make them look stylish is by giving them a decent shape. To make the nails look polished, ensure they are well manicured. Get rid of the excess cuticles, use a Nail File and clean the area around the nail bed. Giving a DIY Manicure to the fingernails, you can apply nail paint neatly and hassle-free.

Pick the Right Colors

Choose the color shade of the nail paint as per your choice. You can choose youthful and vibrant colors that are can draw attention to your manicured hands. You can choose a nude shade that is an evergreen color for every skin tone, nail shape, and size. You can also choose pastel shades, matte color, or bright color shades.

Keep Your Nails Hydrated

Short nails are in trend these days as they are easy to carry with daily errands and do not require much to maintain. It is important to use cuticle oil daily which will keep your hands and nails nourished and hydrated.

Decorate Your Nails with Different Nail Art

People try so many trending nail arts with several nail arts and designs. You can play with your creativity with the help of nail art stickers, freehand drawing, and much more.

Take Care of the Cuticles

With short nails, it is easier to look after the cuticles, and the easiest way throughout is with the help of pushing back cuticles. Another way to look after the nails is by soaking them in lukewarm water and adding some soap. Let the hands be soaked in for ten minutes to make them clean and soft. Later file your nails and push the cuticles followed by applying any hand cream or moisturizer. This will retain the softness and avoid hands getting dry.

Choose the Right Nail Shape

When you have short nails and want to give a new shape to the nails, you can decide which nail shape to provide to your nails. You can choose the one that will make your nails look long and attractive or the shape that can make your nails look as same as usual.

Practice Nail Hygiene

Despite having short nails, practice regular nail hygiene. Wash your hands and trim long nails with the help of a nail clipper. Untidy nails attract more dirt and bacteria that can accumulate below the nails. Therefore ensure trimming the nails and keep them short to avoid dirt settling below the nails.

Now that you know the tips to look after short nails, there’s no going back!

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