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A Quick and Helpful Event Planning Checklist

event planning checklist

The average cost of an organized corporate event is between $20-$50,000.

You may not be working with such a budget yourself, but if you do have an upcoming event scheduled, you could be wondering about the steps you need to take to make it a success. Fear not; our guide can help you!

Read our quick start guide below to event planning and help build yourself a checklist of everything you will need to have in place before the big day.

Ultimate Event Planning Checklist

Set a Budget

As with all events and activities, you first need to set the most essential item, the budget. How much can you afford to spend on this event? Once you have a rough idea of this figure, you can start planning the basics.

There is no point in planning an event if you do not have the finances to support it. Ensure that you know when and how you will have access to the funds, especially if it is a corporate event. This will enable you to spend the budget as needed rather than wait for approval on each purchase.

Plan the Essentials

Once the funding is defined, you can start the fun part of party planning by deciding how the event will look. Start with the theme, as this will affect all other aspects of the day.

Next, choose your day and time. Will it be an evening affair or during the day? This will change your choice of venue and the equipment you will need.

For example, if you plan a summer garden party, you need to think about outside seating and party supplies. You are more likely to need the flexibility of a folding chair than a solid oak dining chair. So setting the date will lead to many more decisions about your checklist.

Spandex chair covers give a firm look that incredibly unites a room. Maybe your occasion is outside and your main choice is confounded lawn seats, or possibly your party will be inside with an assortment of boring standard meal seats given by your scene.

You need to think about the venue, catering, and entertainment and fit them all within your theme and date.

Build a Guest List

Every event needs to have a set number of guests who can attend. Many venues have restrictions on how many people can be at the venue at once. In the times of Covid, this is even more important to be aware of so everyone can remain safe.

With your guest list, you will also be able to begin the process of creating and sending out invitations. Speak with a printer about what styles and options are available and where to buy supplies. You may decide to go digital instead and hire a graphic designer to create an online website for your invites.

Create a Program

Now all the essentials are arranged, you can start the process of planning the event program. How will the night begin and end? Where do you want your guests to arrive and first meet?

You need to decide the guest pathways through your event. Think about when the food and drinks will be available and where your guests will eat. Plan the entertainment as it changes throughout the event to keep everybody entertained.

You may need to hire ushers and guides for larger events to ensure that guests are where they need to be.

A Quick Guide to Event Planning

You can dive into more detail of each area of your plan once you have the basics down on a page. But hopefully, this quick guide to event planning has given you enough of a jump start to begin putting together the event of your dreams. Start your event planning checklist today and enjoy your big day!

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