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6 Actional Tips to Consider After being Fired from Work Without Reason

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While doing a job, one often fears getting fired without even realizing what happened. One always tries to do their best not to give their employer a reason to fire them. But many times, it can’t be avoided. Many people get fired without being given a proper reason. In those cases, the employees feel confused and don’t know what to do exactly. We are going to help you with exactly that in this blog!

What to do after getting fired without reason:

1. Know your rights

In Australia, employees aren’t obligated to give you a reason for exterminating your employment until it’s legal. But if you get fired without reason, you need to check whether your employment contract states if you would be given warnings before getting fired. If you were supposed to get warnings before being terminated, but that did not happen, you can seek assistance from a commercial, employment, and family lawyer in Melbourne to fight your case and get that job back.

2. Fair Work Commission

If you have been terminated without reason, you can apply for a fair judgment from the Fair Work Commission. However, you can apply only if you have worked in a small business for 12 months and a big business for 6 months. Besides, you need to have an early income rate less than the high-income rate. You also need to have a registered employment contract, and your application has to be filed within 21 days of your extermination. There are a few more minute details that you can check out on their website.

3. Reach out to influential people

Suppose your extermination wasn’t illegal but still unfair, and somehow you couldn’t get a lawyer or apply to Fair Work Commission. In that case, we suggest you talk to influential people in the company. If your superior happens to have a superior, we recommend you take an appointment and have a conversation with them. Let them know that you were fired without reason, and any help would be appreciated. This will either lead to you being hired back or at least getting an explanation as to why you were fired.\

4. Take it to social media

Nowadays, social media is very passionate when it comes to people being treated unfairly. If you post on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter, claiming that you were fired without any reason, people are most likely to support you and help you. It is bizarre what a few posts and shares on social media can do. If people are empathetic enough about your situation, their protest will reach the people in power and help you get the fair treatment you deserve.

5. Talk to ex-employees.

Being fired without reason might be a pattern in some businesses, and if it happens to you, it probably has happened to others too. A wise thing to do in such a case would be to talk to ex-employees of the company and ask if they were fired without reason as well. If they were, ask them how they went about it, if there’s a way to get the job back, or just what to do. Any sort of insight or guidance from someone who has been in your situation is helpful.

6. Making a group with existing employees

The existing employees of the company or business were your colleagues and even friends at one point. You can reach out to them, tell them what happened, and ask for help. They have worked with you; they know if you are somebody who deserves to get fired without cause. They might not be superior, but their opinion of you is valid as well. If they are supportive, make a group with them, and they will help push your cause to the superiors.

We have come to the end of this blog, but we hope that we have been able to help you know what you can do if you get fired without cause. Getting exterminated without proper reasoning is unfair, and you should fight for yourself. We hope that our tips will help you to do so. Do let us know what you thought of the blog in the comments!

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