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5 Gift Ideas That You Can Order To Impress Your Dad on Father’s Day

gift ideas for father's day

With father’s day around the corner, we’re sure you must be thinking of the different presents that you can buy for the role model of your life.

While the market is flooded with different gifting options, we understand how difficult it can get to purchase the ideal gift for him. Especially if you’re a crypto enthusiast who wants to buy the best father’s day gift using his tokens!

This is where things might become challenging as not every business accepts cryptos as a legal tender. However, what if we told you that there’s a way to buy gifts using your crypto tokens?

Continue reading as we explore the five gift ideas from different portals where you can purchase some great father’s day presents.

Five Gift Ideas From Different Portals To Purchase This Father’s Day!

Neckties and Accessories

Have one of those dads who are fascinated with the idea of wearing neckties, among other similar clothing accessories? If yes, then Cyberoptix Tie Lab is your way to go! This platform accepts cryptos (primarily Bitcoin) as a legal tender in exchange for their products.

You can explore their website to explore a one-of-a-kind assortment of custom pocket squares, bowties, neckties, and scarves, including some exclusive designs with BTC embroidered. The platform ‘Cyberoptix’ was founded in 2006 and is known to provide reliable products and appealing customer service. In addition, you could easily get free delivery anywhere across the States on purchases crossing $75.00.

Outdoor Gear and Equipment

If you have one of those dads who are rugged and like to explore nature, you might want to explore the options of outdoor gear and equipment as a gift option. The Survival Camping Store might be your ideal option in such a case. They have an exclusive list of hiking, camping, fishing, and trekking equipment.

This company offers a diverse range of products for extreme adventurers and laid-back adventurers. You can easily select from an exhaustive range of father’s day gifts, ranging from climbing, watersports, and mountaineering, to pieces of equipment necessary for camping and fishing. Interestingly, being a crypto user can weigh your pros on the platform! While checking out using cryptocurrencies, you’ll be entitled to a discount of 5%.


Here’s the third gifting idea on our list, an excellent option for those whose dads are Cigar Aficionados. If your father is a fan of smoking tobacco, you might want to check out CigarExport, one of the most prominent places for a head start. The webpage accepts crypto tokens (primarily Bitcoin). In addition, you’ll be allowed to discover an exhaustive range of Cuban and non-Cuban cigar brands on the website. Interestingly, that’s not all!

The website also allows you to choose from other gifting options related to cigars. You can go from anywhere between lighters to cigar cutters, ashtrays, and even portable humidors. The brand has been in business since 1997 and prides itself on providing a 100 percent Authenticity Guarantee, fair rates, and reliable customer service to its devoted customers. So, if this is your father’s thing, get your crypto wallet out and buy a couple as his father’s day gift.

Precious Metals

With all the different gift ideas in a place, you might still be looking out for something more! This is where you might want to settle for the traditional gifting metals. When it comes to gifting options, you have an abundance of designs and accessories for metals like Platinum, Silver, Gold, or even Copper coins and bullions.

JM Bullion is one such platform that you might want to explore for hunting for the perfect gift for your dad. The platform is a highly recognized online retailer that currently accepts Bitcoin. Interestingly, users can also avail of an additional 4% discount. Adding to it, the platform even allows you to ship your precious metals globally.

Then We Have Actual Cryptos…

Because why not?

If your father hasn’t already, it’s your chance to introduce him to Bitcoins and other cryptos.

Every father likes to save, and what better than cryptos for an investment tool? Therefore, explain to your father everything about cryptos, and if possible, open a wallet for him as well. You might even teach him about crypto trading once he spends some time around the tokens and understands how it works.

Want To Think Outside The Box?

Even after all the options that we’ve explored in the list, you might want to gift something else to your father. While the possibility of the platform accepting cryptos might still be a question, we have something that might help!

Since many businesses are yet to accept cryptos as a legal tender, you might want to convert your digital assets into gift cards with payment processors like Coingate. This way, you’re free to select from millions of gift items from thousands of different brands, whether they accept cryptos.

With all the possible gifting items, we hope that you’ll be able to make the most of your shopping cart this father’s day. All the best!

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