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How to Have a Successful First Date: 7 Awesome Ideas

Successful First Date

Going on a first date? Ooh! You must be nervous? Right? Well, being nervous is good as it shows that you are making an effort to ace your first date and looking forward to the second one. The first date with anyone can make your heartbeat like crazy. There is insane pressure to be at your best and impress the other person. You want to be smart but not come across as condescending. You want to be humorous without being obnoxious, and a lot more. Your confidence might tremble a little if your first date goes like a disaster.

However, we are here to tell you that it is okay to feel this way, and you can have a wonderful date, a successful one that ends up with a sweet good night kiss, leading towards a second date. How? By following these simple tips.

Ways to Have a Successful First Date

1. Have a two-way conversation

The first tip we have to offer is to have a two-way conversation with your date. If you are only talking about yourself without letting your date speak, it might seem like you are really nervous and might not end up nicely. If you genuinely want a connection with the other person, be sure to ask them about their likes, dislikes, interests, and more. Not sure how to start a conversation? Then talk about the job, and it will work. Moreover, make some efforts to show that you are interested in what they are saying. Ask questions related to the conversation that’s going on, or can clarify things that you are not able to understand; anything will work other than just nodding.

2. Impress them with everlasting rose

Taking a bunch of roses to your first date is a nice gesture. If you want to impress your date a bit more, go with an everlasting rose. It is a real rose that can last for a year or three due to its unique technique of preserving. You can get a forever roses box or beauty and beast rose or more. It will undoubtedly impress your date, and first impressions matter a lot.

3. Do not try to get much close

This tip is especially for men. You may think that touching them too much shows that you are interested in them, but it can take a wrong turn. That is why do not be over-touchy. For instance, if your restaurant is overcrowded, you can help them lead by touching their lower back. However, putting your hands around their neck or shoulders may seem too much for a first date. Also, remember any interaction related to touch should be friendly or warm, do not make it sexual (this goes for both gender).

4. Plan an exciting date

If you are planning the first date, you can do more than take him/her out for dinner. Do something unique or fun, make it a memorable night, and it will be successful. Here are some ideas:

  • Take them to dinner under the sky. A picnic is a good idea where you can eat, drink wine, or have dinner on a starry night.
  • Try to know their taste, if they love painting, plan a date around that.
  • Keep distractions to the minimum

You are on a date; you do not have to continuously check your phone. Unless it’s an emergency, keep the phone aside, and don’t keep checking those texts your friends are sending. Moreover, be present at the moment. Enjoy the date, the company, don’t think much about getting a second date. Just enjoy and don’t let pressure ruin the moment.

5. Plan your outfit

Everyone wants to look good on their first date, and it can be nerve-wracking to choose the perfect outfit. One tip is to include something that shows your personality. For example, love oxidised jewellery, wear it with your best dress. Or love a certain rock band? Wear a t-shirt honouring them.

6. Be yourself

The most important tip is to be yourself. Be true to who you are! You don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not. Dating is about finding a person who will love you for who you are. Trying to be someone who isn’t you, will not help you. So, remember this.

Just make yourself and your date comfortable. Talk about each other’s interests and if you goof up, own it and continue to have a great time. Try these tips and impress your date with roses, fine wine, and the best company.

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