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How to Choose Which Pharmacy Software Fits Your Drug Filling Needs

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If you are a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, you know how important it is to ensure that your practice and patients’ prescriptions are updated. This means having up-to-date drug records, data entry, and patient care information. Unfortunately, no single software program handles all of these functions. When choosing which software program is suitable for your practice or hospital pharmacy, it is essential to compare the volume of drugs your system holds with the features offered by each solution. The following tips will help you choose which pharmacy software fits your needs.

Tips to Choose Which Pharmacy Software Fits Your Drug Filling Needs

The Type of Drugs You Fill Most Often

It is helpful to know what percentage of the medication you are filled with each day goes in which product. It also helps to understand how your employees value each filling option, including labor and capital costs. This information will help you make an educated decision. It aids you in choosing software options that make the most sense for your organization.

What Are Your RX Fill Rates?

To determine how much money you are spending on all of your prescriptions:

  1. Keep track of the fill rates for specific products.
  2. Look at your pharmacy’s inventory and sales figures to know how often each drug goes in. You may also want to use a calculator to get an average percent filled over the past 12 months.3.  Compare that with your current data to see if a change is needed in selling this product.

What Type of Workflow Makes Sense for You?

Often, pharmacy organizations struggle to decide which software option will work best. Many are unaware of how their workflow practices affect which software options will work best for them. Get together with the rest of your staff to discuss which pharmacy software option works best for each workflow aspect.

Which Software Option Do You Prefer?

If you are like most pharmacies, you will want to use a software option that is both easy and cost-effective. The questions meant to help make an informed decision may seem to complicate the decision-making process. However, a simple questionnaire or discussion session with your staff can help you figure out which pharmacy software option is most secure for your demographics and daily operations.

What Are You Willing to Compromise on to Have an Operational Workflow?

You may have already decided which software option is best for your organization. However, that does not mean all other questions do not deserve an answer. You will want to know if you can make changes in your workflow while installing and running this program. It is also vital to determine if hiring more employees or purchasing more machines and inventory is the best solution.

What Questions Do You Have About This Option?

Suppose you have a hard time deciding which software option is best for your organization. There are so many different types of software available. It can be difficult for one company to offer all the latest features and functions. In this case, consider talking with a company representative, like those at Datascan, before making your final decision.

What’s Your Timeframe for Getting This Setup?

If you are looking for a pharmacy software program with features that are easy to use right away, check out the products’ features. Many software companies will offer you a trial period to test the software for a limited time. This can help you get more idea of how much time it will take to get the software installed and running at your organization.

Today, many pharmacists turn to software for their prescription drug filling needs. This tool is always online and automated. The software can successfully work with your existing workflow. It is critical to have reliable software that can fulfill your needs. However, with so many different options on the market, it can be challenging to determine which one is best for your store. The tips above will make it easy to choose a software that fits your drug filling needs.

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