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How to Hire a Painter for the Exterior of Your Home

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According to research conducted by Zippia, there are over 223,223 painters employed in the U.S.Are you considering redoing the exterior of your home, and you’re looking for the best painter to do the job for you? Going by the figures above, getting the right painter for the job can be a mentally draining task. Without a proper framework, distinguishing the best painter from others can be challenging. Lucky for you, this article will divulge tips on how to hire a painter for the exterior of your home.

Well-Versed With Color Schemes

Consider hiring a painter who is well-versed with all color schemes to get recommendations on the right color to use. Selecting the color is very crucial to the curb appeal of your home; hence you need to get it right the first time. Choosing the wrong color is something you don’t want to risk doing.

Have a look at the painter’s portfolio to see the outcome of the houses they have painted before. Ask them to take you through the process of choosing a color for you to get involved in the decision-making process. You can ask which color goes well with the architectural design of your house to weigh the options you have.

Make sure you consult with your community management to know which colors are accepted to avoid getting fined. Consider hiring a painting contractor who offers color consultations services.

Consider the Charges

Like any other profession, painters charge depending on their expertise and the quality of services they offer. The quality of paintwork you’ll get from a particular painter is directly proportional to how much they charge you. Don’t make the mistake of hiring the cheapest painter, as you may end up getting poor-quality services.

Painting is the kind of job you need to get right the first time, and that’s dependent on the kind of painter you hire. Have a budget on how much you intend to spend on the project to avoid going beyond what your pocket can handle. To get started, research on standard rates when hiring a painter to have an idea of the normal market rates.

Get written quotations from different painters to have a base of making comparisons on who offers the best rates. Avoid painting contractors who only want to give you verbal estimates to avoid getting hidden expenses. More so, the painting contractor should do a house visit before estimating, to have a glimpse of the kind of work required.

Consider a contractor who offers you value for your money by having a detailed estimation of how each cost was accrued. Keep in mind painting exterior brick house can be expensive compared to painting siding. The charges will vary with the kind of surface the exterior of your house has.

How Long It Will Take to Paint Your Home

When hiring a painter for the exterior of your home, consider how long they’ll take to complete the house. Think about how many days it would take for a certain number of painters to finish painting the house. Factor in how long it would take to do cleaning and prep work for the painting job.

The number of painters you hire will depend on how fast you want the work to get completed. Based on previous projects, the prepping tends to take as much time as the actual painting work. Also, make sure you inform the painters of the amount of time you intend them to spend per day painting your home.

Licensing and Credentials

To avoid problems with regulating bodies in your local area, ensure you hire a painter who’s licensed by the relevant authority. Licensing shows that the painter has undergone evaluation to verify they have the skill set to perform the services. By checking the license, you’ll be confident that the painter has been trusted to deliver such services by the regulating body.

Checking their credentials is also another important aspect you need to consider when hiring a painter. Credentials show that the painter has undergone training to gain extensive knowledge in painting. It shows that the painter is in touch with the current trends by undergoing refresher courses.

Ask for Recommendations

The best place to start when you want to hire a home painter is by asking for referrals from your friends or relatives. You won’t miss someone in your close circle who has interacted with painters before. Ask your referee about their experience with the painter to weigh if you can work with such a person.

Ask if the person was able to deliver what your referee expected and the professionalism they portrayed throughout the job. Remember, people are different, and their experience with a particular painter might differ from yours.

Read Online Reviews

The internet offers the best avenues to get invaluable insights about a person or a company by reading online reviews. Go to the painter’s website, if they have one, and read client testimonials and reviews about the services they received. Read as many as possible to get an idea of the reputation of the painter.

Don’t get turned down by one negative review; people’s experiences might differ. Read many others to validate such negative concerns. Be aware of sugar-coated reviews that may lure customers into hiring a certain painter.

Look for One Who Offers a Guarantee

Painters who are confident about their work offer their clients guarantees. Consider such kinds of painters when narrowing down your list before making the final decision. The guarantees come with annual inspections and repairs at no added cost for an extended period of time.

Make the Right Decision When You Decide to Hire a Painter

Getting the right color for your house can be as easy as choosing the wrong one. Therefore, you need to hire a painter with the necessary expertise to advise you on the right color to choose. Use the above pointers when deciding on which painter to hire.

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