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How To Make It As A Trucker in 2023


Car haulers are easily one of the most recognizable trucks on the road today. The flashy and large double-decker rigs bring in cars of all types; especially the shiny new vehicles being transported to the dealerships across the nation. A career in the trucking industry is an excellent choice that can also be quite lucrative. If you are interested in what it takes to deliver cars then read on.

Best Tips To Make It As A Trucker in 2022


Well, to get started with any type of trucking job, you are going to need to fulfill some basic qualifications. Car haulers will need to meet several requirements in order to be considered for any type of hauling position. First things first, you will need to have a valid Class A CDL driver’s license and any requirements the Department of Transportation needs to be fulfilled.

Getting Over The Road Experience

Now that you have passed your driving test after randomly booking a slot through a driving test cancellation app and have your Class A CDL license, you will need to gain some experience and learn how to navigate the roads properly. Doing a long haul across the country and navigating winding roads or busy city streets are just some of the real-world obstacles you’ll need to familiarize yourself with before you start transporting cars. After you have been driving for a bit, usually 1-2 years, you should be ready to start looking for your first car transport job.

Insurance companies usually will require truckers to have 2 years of driving experience but this can vary depending on the state. Your goal at this point should be about gaining experience safely, keeping your driving record clean, and learning the ropes.

Maintaining A Clean Driving Record

Since car haulers are in possession of some pretty valuable cargo and there are inherent risks to the job, it would make sense that car haulers always need to be safe drivers. Many times these truckers are hauling up to a dozen brand new vehicles. Other times you may have to haul someone’s personal collection of exotic or antique cars. You may even be hauling away old wrecks destined for the scrapyard. Regardless of the type of load you are transporting, if you want to make it as a car hauler you will need to make sure your driving record stays clean. These types of drivers are also subject to drug testing due to the high value of the cargo.

Maintaining Complete Attention To Detail

Trucking is a hard job and one that requires complete attention to detail at every step of the transport process. Not only are truckers responsible for safely transporting the vehicles, but they are also responsible for the safe loading and unloading of them onto the trailer as well. This will require 100% perfection with your loading routine to properly space out all the vehicles and secure them in place. Making sure no damages occur is critical to maintaining your paycheck. It may take you several years to gain experience before you will be ready to work as a car hauler. Working in a specialized trucking field, however, can be a great way of getting there.

Jobs in the car transport industry come in a few shapes and sizes. With anything from double-decker rigs bringing new vehicles into the dealership to enclosed carriers transporting antique vehicles across the country, breaking into the car transport industry can be a great career opportunity for any aspiring truck driver.

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