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How to Plan a Family-Friendly Trip to Amsterdam

How to Plan a Family-Friendly Trip to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful place with lots to see and do. Planning a trip here could be overwhelming, especially when your entire family is joining you. However, all you need is the right steps to take, and your trip planning will be a breeze.

Plan for Family-Friendly Trip to Amsterdam

Know When to Go

The first step to planning any trip is to determine the best time to go. Every place you visit has a peak tourist season that often directly coincides with the weather, but this doesn’t mean it is when you want to visit. Amsterdam’s peak season is between May and August when the weather is ideal. However, if you are hoping for a family-friendly vacation, you may want to go during a less-busy time. There will be fewer crowds and fewer parties.

Learn About the Culture

If you have never been to a place before, it is critical to research its culture. Try to get a good feel for what it is like there before you go. For instance, Amsterdam is a beautiful city with lots of people on bikes. However, it does turn into a party town at night. Things like this are good to know before booking your hotel.

Know the Tips and Tricks

It is always helpful to get as many tips and tricks under your belt as possible before arriving at your destination. For example, did you know that there is luggage storage in Amsterdam? There are luggage storage sites all over the city. This allows you to drop your shopping bags off before heading to dinner, as well as to store your luggage on your last day to see a few more sites before boarding your plane.

Plan and Schedule Activities in Advance

As you probably already know, family trips can be hectic. Whether your family members are indecisive or incredibly opinionated, deciding what to do while on vacation can be virtually impossible if you wait until you get there. It is best to look up activities and develop a plan well in advance. Purchasing tickets and scheduling events in advance is also great for cutting down your wait times when you get there.

Here are a few examples of great family-friendly activities to do in Amsterdam.

Anne Frank House

If your children are a bit older, a walk through Anne Frank’s house will be a great experience. It can get pretty emotional, but it is educational and will help them gain a perspective that would be hard to get anywhere else. It truly could be a life-changing experience.

Boat Tours

On the less emotional side of the spectrum, you can take your family on a boat tour of the city. There are plenty of different types of boat tours. So, spend an hour or so researching them and deciding which one is best for your family. It is a peaceful way to get a totally new perspective of the city. Oh, and don’t forget to drop your shopping bags in luggage storage before boarding.


The Rijksmuseum, better known as State Museum, is an enormous structure with an impressive collection of art and ancient artifacts. This is one of the more popular attractions in all of Amsterdam, so it is important to arrive very early to get a good spot in line. Especially during a peak season like June. If you go shopping for your visit, be sure to use the luggage storage in Amsterdam as you can not take bags inside.

Bike Tours

Everyone who has been to Amsterdam knows that you haven’t experienced the city to its fullest unless you have biked around. Biking is a staple of the Amsterdam way of life. Locals use them to commute to work, enjoy a day off, or even pick up groceries. It will be a great experience for the whole family.

Van Gogh Museum

Last on this list is the Van Gogh Museum. Whether or not you all are fans of art, seeing a Van Gogh painting in person is something truly remarkable. Let alone seeing the largest collection of his work in the entire world. This is certainly something the whole family could enjoy. Just be sure to take advantage of Amsterdam’s luggage storage if you have any bags before you go.

Plan Your Meals

After you have planned out your activities, you can start looking into meal planning. There is nothing worse than trying to figure out where to eat with hungry family members. This is where real drama can ensue. Instead, have many of your major meals planned out in advance based on the activities you are doing. This will save a world of headaches.

Make a Detailed Checklist

Once your trip has been planned, and everyone is happy, you will be on the most important piece of the puzzle. A detailed checklist is pretty much the only way you can confidently embark on your trip without worrying about forgetting something. This is especially important if you have a large family.


Now you know how to plan a family-friendly trip to Amsterdam! All you have to do is follow this guide. Just be sure to enjoy it once you get there. Spend less time worrying about logistics and more time enjoying your family’s company. Don’t forget to take advantage of Amsterdam’s luggage storage facilities, ride a bike, and enjoy!

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