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How to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring

how to choose an engagement ring

Love and commitment in relationships come with responsibility. Therefore, partners have to express their affection for each other using symbols. For that reason, an engagement ring becomes a perfect representation of this commitment. These rings come in different shapes and designs. Modern moissanite engagement ring styles are increasingly becoming popular and are worthy of consideration in your choice.

An engagement ring is for a lifetime. For that reason, you must choose quality. Making the right choice of engagement ring is never easy. This is especially due to the many options available in the market. Therefore, you need a guide to help you make the most out of your engagement experience. To get it right here is what you should do:

How To Choose an Engagement Ring?

1. Consider your partner’s preference

When choosing an engagement ring, it matters more to your partner than anyone else. Therefore, you should keep her in mind. It will only be a perfect ring choice if it is something she loves.

Look into her preferences when deciding on the engagement ring to buy.  Use her friends and family to get to know her type of jewellery. That way, you will stand a good chance of picking the right choice of ring for your engagement.

2. Work with an Expert Jeweler

The jewellery industry is diverse and full of options. However, you must settle for someone with enough skill, knowledge and experience with engagement rings. An expert jeweller has every information at their fingertips. Therefore, you stand a good chance of getting the right ring.

Most importantly, work with someone you can trust. In case something goes wrong, you should be able to get help. In addition, your jeweler should furnish you with every detail and information to pick your ring. That way, you stand a great chance of making an informed decision about your purchase.

3. Choose the best gemstone

Conventional jewelry had many diamonds for a gemstone. However, moissanite is becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, it is a quality gem to consider for your engagement ring. Most important moissanite vs. diamond which is perfect for you. Gemstones have varying qualities and features. Therefore, study the available options and pick one that works for you. Some stones are harder than others whereas others shine better than the rest. For that reason, their characteristics should help you in picking the best for your ring.

4. Pick a Metal for your Ring

Different engagement rings have different styles and metals to them. Therefore, you should pick a metal that defines the kind of taste and style you want for your significant other.

Common metals to pick include rose gold, white gold, platinum and yellow gold. These metals make the list of the most preferred options especially when it comes to engagement rings. Most importantly, they are perfect for daily wear. In addition, the metals protect the gemstones.

5. Settle on the ring style

Engagement rings come in varying styles. Therefore, this is something to put into consideration. Some are sleek while others are large. In that case, you must understand the kind of style that your partner likes.

Common styles for engagement rings include halo, solitaire, vintage, three stone and diamond-accented. Therefore, you will have enough options to pick the right one for your partner. The type of style speaks much about the personality of your partner. Therefore, you should pick the right one.

6. Make sure it is the right size

After going through all these things, settled on the jeweller, the ring style, stone, and metal, you can proceed to get the ring.  At this point, you should get the ring size right. It should fit your partner for a great experience.

Use your partner’s friends and family members to get the size if you want to keep it a surprise. However, you can still do it on your own. Should you miss on the size, you can always go back for resizing.

An engagement ring is for a very important occasion. It affirms your love and commitment to your special person. Therefore, you must make an effort to pick the right choice. You need long-lasting quality since you need this ring for a lifetime. Use this guide for your reference.

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