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How to Improve Executive Skills with Training?

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Executive functions can be defined as a set of cognitive abilities that take part in the processes of thinking, reasoning, and helping us to act effectively in new or changing situations. In general terms, we can say that executive functions are a sequence of actions that lead us to achieve a goal.

Thus, executive functions are thought operations directed toward a specific goal. They allow us to choose, plan, and make voluntary decisions. Executive functions are at the core of our behaviour:

  • Executive functions are related to the ability to formulate goals.
  • These are the powers involved in planning processes, and the strategies that lead to the achievement of goals.
  • These are the cognitive abilities involved in implementing plans.
  • It is the recognition of goals and the ability to change our activities to create new action plans.

The most familiar actions, such as being on time for class or work, or going to the movies and meeting friends, involve the correct use of executive functions. If there is a breakdown in their functioning, our behaviour will not be effective, and our plans and goals will not be accomplished as we expected.

What happens when my executive functions don’t work properly?

A person who has problems with his or her executive functions working, or lack of activity, is likely to encounter the following difficulties:

  • Difficulty in creating new behaviours.
  • Inability to use operational strategies.
  • Limitations in performance and creativity due to lack of cognitive flexibility.
  • He will have difficulty anticipating the consequences of his actions due to increased impulsivity.

In addition, several pathological conditions are directly related to executive function impairments.

What can I do to improve my executive functions?

Due to the plasticity of the brain, our executive functions can be greatly improved. Through constant training, you can achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in solving the problems you face daily.

These external stimuli in the form of exercises can help you modulate the processes underlying executive functions. Science has demonstrated that experience and learning create a favourable environment for new neural connections to emerge, thereby improving our daily performance.

Therefore, cognitive training and stimulation to achieve higher executive function performance will benefit children, adolescents, and adults in the area of learning and will benefit anyone of any age who wants to improve their cognitive functions.

Divide the task into stages

Plan. Establish milestones that make up the overall plan that leads to the final goal.

Manage time

Forecasting and effective time management are ideal allies for ensuring your executive functions work well.

Set goals for yourself

Exercise to improve your executive functions: the inner voice or instructing yourself can help you save cognitive resources and avoid wasting time.

Executive Function Programs

Developing other skills like business writing will help you focus and activate neural connections. For example, a course at https://cmaconsulting.com.au/inhouse-training-workshops/influential-business-writing/ would be a great way to start.


It is scientifically proven that exercise not only improves our health on a physical level but also in the cognitive aspect.

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