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Key Features Parcel Lockers Should Have?

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With the increased shipments, storage has become a primary concern. Package lockers have offered a solution for the same. The technological advancement has integrated automation in the storage procedure and regarded it as smart parcel lockers. The point of distinction between smart and regular parcel lockers is that smart parcel locker streamlines the entire system of storage, mitigating any form of mishaps.

Components like ventilated metal doors, authentication panels with biometric scans, trackable RFID tags and management software make the parcel lockers smart. But, before installing the same, having a deep insight into the key features is crucial. The important ones are stated below.

Trackable deliveries

Since the parcel lockers are electronically logged, it enables tracking the order. The recipient saves time because they don’t have to interrupt their routine just to pick up one package.

Important packages need to be processed and monitored, for which a set of staff is appointed. This turns out to be costly and ineffective. Integrating a smart parcel locker automates the procedure and renders a secure platform for storing parcels. Since the delivery is trackable, the chances of parcel mishaps decrease. Plus, it mitigates any form of human error.

Full-time access

After the delivery of the parcel in the locker, it can be accessed by the recipient at their own convenience. The mailroom staff need not monitor the package. When it comes to the need for enhanced security, mail theft is the most prominent concern. The parcel lockers operate on a special code that is only accessible by the recipient and the mail carrier. It makes the entire procedure more secure. Additional features include video surveillance, badge readers, and tamper detection in electronic parcel lockers. This is what makes the day and night access more credible.

Notification on arrival

Between the recipient picking up and the brand sending the package, mailing becomes the middleman. The smart technology in the parcel locker notifies the recipient and the sender on arrival. In the absence of parcel lockers, the mail manager would have to inform the parcel’s status. That is prone to human error and inefficiency. Automating this step adds convenience and a better client experience, positively reflecting management.

Fast delivery

During business hours, the mailrooms are jammed. Hence, this increases the possibility of the parcel being mishandled or damaged. Moreover, this also leads to a delay in the deliveries. A fast-paced delivery is positively correlated to consumer satisfaction, making the system more reliable.

Integrating parcel lockers allows the recipient to pick up their parcel regardless of the mail hours. Plus, the cost of installation of lockers is comparatively lesser than hiring a whole set of mailroom staff.

Video surveillance

Keeping the series of mail thefts in mind, the suppliers have prioritised security. Since the parcel lockers are usually installed outdoors, it is ensured the streets are luminous. The smart parcel locker is useful for tracking orders and has a provision of video surveillance that can be attached directly to the housing or company’s device. This guarantees the safety and security of the delivered goods.

Maintenance of perishables

Smart parcel lockers have now enabled the management of temperature. This is a key requirement for hospitals, restaurants and even housing co-operations. Accordingly, refrigerated parcel lockers are best suited for perishables such as medicines and food items. An average smart locker allows a cooling up to 44 degrees. Integration of it in housing societies is a credible solution for residents as well. This enables them to shift all their purchases online.

Boosts user satisfaction

The comprehensive system renders improved user satisfaction. The unrestricted and interminable access allows users to collect orders at their leisure whilst adhering to the guidelines. To add on, the system follows a superlative vehicle routing that improves productivity and simplifies dispatching.

Preservation of the environment

Transportation-related CO2 emissions have an adverse effect on the environment. Unsuccessful and individual orders add to the extra mileage. Parcel lockers eliminate extra emissions through a better tracking system and bulk delivery.

Parcel locker has reduced CO2 emission through vehicles by two-thirds. Plus, it also adds to the ESG vitality of an institution.


A sustainable and economical method of storing comes in handy. Hence it is a no-brainer whether one should invest in parcel locker solutions or not. Not only does it have a strong ROI for organisations, but also safety and security for residents. Let alone improved user satisfaction.

It can be integrated well in any institution with the increase of the e-commerce platform—the automation procedure results in prominent reliability.

The end goal is to have no error in the delivery, and implementing parcel locker solutions automates the procedure and mitigates any human intervention, thus rendering a smooth process.

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