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4 Live Streaming Tips to Create Better Broadcasts

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Live streaming successfully may initially be nerve-racking. It’s also very different from pre-recording a video message. While you will undoubtedly improve with practice, it’s necessary to quickly accelerate your skill level when broadcasting on behalf of a business. Here are four live streaming tips to create better broadcasts in the future.

Live Streaming Checklist To Make Your Broadcast Better

1. Higher Quality is Important with Streaming

Don’t cheap out with the live streaming equipment. When it comes to video and audio quality, the more money invested, the better. While it’s not necessary to spend the earth to get acceptable results, basic equipment probably won’t be sufficient.

Aim for 1080p video or 4K video for futureproofing. Few people are broadcasting in 4K as of yet, but it’ll happen eventually. For now, 1080p streaming will match what people can handle with their internet speed. Also, use a separate microphone to capture clearer audio for viewers – don’t rely on the one built into a webcam or digital camera.

Use a streaming service that delivers reliability. One that supports fewer participants avoids common streaming technical issues due to overcrowding; Melon streaming is a cloud-based provider that does this. Unlimited streaming is also helpful if you are planning to live stream regularly.

2. Be Well Prepared

While it’s not necessary to script out what you’re going to say – a live stream is not a video recording – it’s helpful to be prepared. Jotting down some bullet points for the major ideas that you wish to touch on during the live stream covers times when you go blank. Getting lost in one point and then losing track does happen. Having bulleted notes to refer to where you’re crossing through points as they’re made will keep you on course.

3. Use a Regular Schedule

If you intend on getting consistent and growing viewers to your live streams, then announcing them in advance and keeping to a set schedule is best. If you are hopping around with ad hoc live streams on different days and times, people don’t know when to expect them. While they can probably watch them on a mobile device, it may not be a convenient time for them. Therefore, it’s a better strategy to be predictable with a fixed schedule for live streams. The people who feel it’s important to attend will make time in their schedule for it.

4. Provide a Good Reason to Attend

It’s a good idea to have a hook, i.e., a reason why people should attend the live stream. While a marketing hook will attract new people to the stream, it will also prevent it from getting stale for those who attend every week. The hook needs to be related to the industry or topics covered to be of interest though. For instance, it can be an insider scoop, releasing the latest results, or a special offer. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it must be mind-blowing, as that’s not the case. A small incentive is good enough.

Successful live streaming requires effective preparation, confidence, consistency, and having a reason for people to connect to it. Taking care of these aspects, along with broadcasting in high quality, increases your odds considerably.

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