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Craving Puppy Love? Here Are 7 of the Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Are you looking to bring a new puppy into your home for unlimited snuggles and unconditional love? If so, you’re in luck because there’s no shortage of affectionate breeds ready to cuddle their way into your heart. Though each dog requires unique levels of physical touch, there are furry friends with significantly higher tolerances for handling affection. 

Read on for seven breeds sure to give you all the love, snuggles, and affection you could ever need.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are one of the most loving dog breeds on the market. Most known for their cuddly, ultra-friendly dispositions, Golden’s find themselves on the high side of the affection scale. 

Plus, these beautiful breeds come in different coat color variations, including elegant English Cream Golden Retrievers. Regardless of which colorway you opt for, Golden Retrievers are sure to bring a playful, affectionate spirit into your home. 


Though small in stature, Dachshunds have big personalities—including a need for constant attention and affection. Most Daschunds prefer to stay close to their owners, snuggling under the covers at night and sticking to their feet during the day. Regardless of how high-quality their dog beds are, these co-dependent pups will likely opt for a night next to you instead of sleeping alone. 

If you like the idea of rocking a puppy like a baby, a Daschund is sure to indulge in your desires. However, Dachshunds tend to have snappy attitudes and low annoyance levels, so be conscious of their boundaries and social cues. 


Another snuggle-happy pup for those seeking fluffy affection is Newfoundlands. These large furry friends have gentle and happy personalities, usually remaining calm and content in most situations. As long as a Newfoundland puppy goes through the proper training to manage its bulky, clumsy body, you can trust Newfies around small children. 

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise breed is an excellent option for those looking for a bundle of cuddly joy. These energetic pups enjoy frequent activity paired with affectionate lounging after a long run in the park. However, be aware that Bichon Frise puppies need heaps of attention to stay stimulated and non-destructive, so be prepared to eat, sleep, and breathe your new furry friend. 


Boxers are quiet dogs that love to snuggle up close to their owners at every moment possible. You might find that your Boxer follows you around the home and stays close when outdoors, as these needy breeds become anxious upon separation. At the end of the day, Boxers will happily take your hugs after a busy day playing outside in the backyard.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are brilliant breeds requiring diligent training and constant attention during their youth. However, the payoff for your hard work will be an affectionate, loyal canine companion for life.   

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an adorable pup with plenty of sweetness to go around. Spaniels are happy to spend the day cuddling with you on your couch, lounging around without the need for constant exercise and stimulation. This beloved breed is excellent for families and seniors who need a lower-maintenance, loving pup.

Before you go

If you dream of sleepy cuddles and sloppy kisses from a furry friend, consider adopting one of the friendly breeds above for a life filled to the brim with affection and fun. 

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