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Plant Delivery: What Makes The Best Option

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The world has been upended by the coronavirus in more ways than one. Many people lost their lives because of it, while others lost everything else. The freedom of movement that many enjoyed from the time before is now lost as restrictions are becoming more of the norm. Some people think that it is easier than going outside all the time for work, school, etc. However, the same people also realized that being cooped in their homes is not the best experience.

For this reason, many are trying to find ways to go out without interacting with the public. Some are taking advantage of having a private car to do it. Others go out grocery shopping even though it is not something that they like doing before. It has become the norm as well to stay away from others as much as possible, even if there are still many breakers of that rule. On the other hand, there are just people who like to see a bit of nature in their lives.

The last sentiment greatly reflects the number of people who are buying plants these days. According to NBC News, the increase was dramatic once you compare the average sales from 2019 to 2020. Based on their findings, it seems that more people are willing to be around flora and fauna than anyone else. Granted, the number of pet adoptions also increased around the same time.

After all, if you cannot go out and see nature, having it inside your home is a good alternative. It is especially true if you are living in the middle of the urban jungle. The skyscrapers and everlasting city lights can be beautiful, but nothing beats a natural wonder. For this reason, people are buying plants from nurseries and gardens throughout the world. Some of the bigger supermarket brands have also started selling flora and it is also the first thing that you will see in most stores.

Afraid Of Going Out? Delivery Is The Choice

One of the main gripes of buying anything these days is going out of your home. People do not like the idea of even stepping out of their homes mainly because of the virus. It is inconvenient for many to prepare to go to the store as there are so many things that you need to do first. The mask-wearing practice is necessary but it is not a comfortable experience until you get used to it.

Delivery is the best option for most of us these days. It is easier to open an app on your phone, do a few clicks and wait for whatever you bought to come home. There is always an added cost to it aside from your purchase, but does it make a difference when compared to going out? The gasoline costs along with the added stress are more than enough to compare with delivery fees. At least, you are safer at home and you still get what you purchased.

Now, what about plants? Well, there are many apps now that cater to plant care and development. It is not surprising that there are also apps that focus more on selling them. For example, https://plantedpot.com/ is an excellent website that caters to your flora needs. The website has many species that can thrive inside your home.

Problems With Delivery

One of the main issues regarding delivery is the safety of the package. There are so many ways that it could mess up everything inside. It is a more pressing issue with plants, as they are finicky with everything about them. A simple temperature change can destroy everything that you have worked for, and it will die agonizingly slow. There is nothing that you can do about it but wait for the inevitable.

Another issue that most people have with any kind of delivery is the time. It is understandable since you need to wait for something to be delivered to you. However, time is also your enemy when taking care of various flora. The more that they are kept in the same covered space over time, the more that it will suffer. Some plants like cacti can thrive in more extreme environments, but most of them are rather sensitive to it.

The best way to know if a plant delivery service is good is through their packaging. The security that you need to make sure that it stays alive for the duration of the journey is important. You need to research this properly and ask about how the company manages its packaging. It is possibly the most crucial part of choosing an internet flora service.

Another thing that you need to look into is the time of delivery. Now, this usually depends on your location so make sure that you are in the same area for faster service. If you are going to order from overseas, then expect a longer delivery period. It would also cost higher, and the conditions of keeping it alive might not coincide with your environment.

We always recommend buying locally, especially with plants. These living beings already need certain conditions to thrive, so they must be in a similar environment as much as possible. You can do away with having more exotic options if you are ready to spend more on renovating your home to keep them alive. You might also need to check on laws regarding the importation of plants in your area as you do not want to start planting a possibly invasive species.

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