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The Pros of Living in Akoya Oxygen — A Self-Sufficient Suburb of Dubai!

Akoya Oxygen

Dubai is a real estate wonderland. You can find almost any type of real estate, from small apartments to modern eco-friendly villas for sale in Dubai. With the influx of ex-pats, construction companies began to develop the center of the emirate and the outskirts. There have been off-plan projects in Dubai where people will like to live in a quiet environment away from a noisy city. One such project is DAMAC Hills 2 (Akoya Oxygen), an autonomous community in Dubai that promises an eco-friendly and peaceful life. This article will look at the advantages of living in the properties for sale in Akoya Oxygen.

Advantages of living in Akoya O2

Akoya Oxygen is known as the first green residential real estate in Dubai.

The DAMAC Hills 2 (Akoya Oxygen) project was developed by the first-class developer DAMAC Properties. Implementation began in 2014. Also known as Akoya O2, the community is one of the best off-plan properties for sale in Dubai. Life at Akoya Oxygen gives you a lot of positive moments, and you should learn more about them.

Strategic location to purchase a property in Dubai

DAMAC Hills 2 (Akoya Oxygen) is located between Jebel Ali Lehbab Road (E77) and Al Ain-Dubai Highway (E66). It occupies a strategic position in the city and is close to Expo 2020 to open up new investment opportunities in Dubai. The pavilions of the exhibition will continue to operate after the event, so the area will not lose its value.

Green community

DAMAC Hills 2 is well-known as the first green community of apartments for sale in Dubai. The developers have made it environmentally friendly and compliant with standards. Residential buildings in Akoya O2 are made of energy-efficient materials, environmentally friendly lighting methods, low-CO2 paint, and a solar-powered water heating system.

Diverse property for sale in Dubai

There is a wide range of real estate options in DAMAC Hills 2. You can choose from luxury villas, townhouses, and flats in Dubai. The community has furnished apartments for sale and hotel service.

Apartments from studios to 3-room apartments, townhouses with 3-5 bedrooms, and 5-bedroom villas are available in DAMAC Hills 2. This wide range of housing options guarantees that Akoya O2 will have a property of all tastes.

Reliable investments

Luxury villas and townhouses in Akoya O2 are considered a profitable investment for Dubai residents.

Akoya O2 ranks high in the rating of the best places to buy townhouses in Dubai. Buying a villa or townhouse in Akoya O2 is considered a major addition to any investment portfolio. Townhouses in DAMAC Hills 2 are available for AED 584,900.

A trustworthy real estate agency in Dubai will help you choose a suitable property

Learn more about the Akoya Oxygen community and other popular areas of Dubai on the official AX Capital web

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