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5 Reasons Why It’s Better to Settle a Personal Injury Claim

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If you sustain injuries in an accident in Connecticut, it is vital to consider all the options for getting the compensation you deserve. Every consideration needs Connecticut personal injury attorney to be present to assist you in making the right choice.

Only a tiny percentage of these claims make it to court, with most people opting to settle before the case goes to trial. And this is for good reasons as well.

How a Personal Injury Case is Settled

1. Settling the Case Reduces the Legal Costs

Going to court will cost you more in terms of legal fees than settling the case. You have to identify and pay expert witnesses to come and testify. This can run into hundreds of dollars per witness. You also have to pay some money for a jury to hear the case. You might think that these are minor expenses, but when you add them up, they take a big chunk out of the money you aren’t guaranteed of.

When you decide to settle the case, you save on the costs and end up with more money in your pocket. This is especially important considering you need all the money you can get to pay for treatment.

2. Settling the Case is Less stressful

Handling the case in court is stressful, no matter your level of preparation. Even if you don’t plan to be involved in the case directly, the defendant can call you to the stand and cross-examine you. You also have to spend days on end with your lawyer preparing for court appearances. This can easily stress you out.

You have to be ready to object, file motions, make statements and then wait for a while for the jury to reach a decision. Settling the case out of court helps you avoid these tense moments and gives you a chance to enjoy peace of mind.

3. You Cannot Predict the Outcome of Trials

Even if you hire the best Connecticut personal injury, when a case goes to trial, it is in the hands of the jury. Even when your case is straightforward, the outcome can be unpredictable. You might walk into court hoping to get a fair settlement, only to go home empty-handed.

Settling out of court gives you a definite outcome. You understand precisely the judgment, and the insurer works with you towards a fair settlement.

4. You save Time

Settling the case makes the process shorter and straightforward. You need to agree to the offer and wait for the check. When you decide to go to court, you have to track down witnesses and interview them. You have to make sure they appear in court during the hearing. This takes time.

“It takes roughly 2 years and two months for a case to be successfully handled at trial.”

There are many things to do to make the case ready for trial. Even with a qualified Connecticut personal injury attorney, the process can be long and tedious.

Settling out of court requires you to do some work as well, but not as intense as when you decide to go to trial. The moment you sign the agreement, your work is literally done; all that remains is to file the settlement paperwork and get your payout.

5. The Settlement is Final

It is hard reversing a settlement compared to a verdict in court. The insurance adjuster might go to court and appeal a decision that has been made during trial, making it last longer than necessary.

The appeal can last several months way after the original trial date. The case can even be taken to another court, which means you have another year to prepare for the trial. You are looking at more costs as well.

How Can You Maximize Your settlement?

The best way to maximize your settlement is to work with a competent Connecticut personal injury attorney who understands the case and has dealt with similar cases before. He negotiates for a fair settlement for you and knows when to take what the other side offers or reject it.

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