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The Basics of Drumming: Everything You Need to Start Drumming Today

how to play drums for beginners

Anyone can learn to play the drums — you don’t need to have some form of magical rhythm or coordination in order to master this instrument. But what you do need is a little bit of persistence, practice, and the right drumming kit of course.

Drumming is not only a fun past-time, but it’s also exceptionally fulfilling when you learn how to master a new beat. It’s a beneficial hobby for you’re looking to improve your memory and cognitive function, hand-eye coordination, release tension and work up some tone in your arms.

For more on the basics of drumming and what you need to get started, this blog outlines it all.

The Basics of Drumming: The Minimal Equipment You Need

You really don’t need a whole lot to learn how to play the drums — don’t let those extravagant metal band drum sets convince you otherwise. If you have a tight budget and can only invest in minimal equipment to start, here’s what you need:

  • A decent set of drum sticks — try not to use secondhand sticks as they could be damaged, rather invest in new ones
  • A practice pad — you don’t even need a drum to get started, just something to beat on that isn’t your furniture! You want to mount the practice pad on a stand so you can get used to sitting and playing
  • A drum stool — it’s a good idea to invest in one of these so you can get used to the feel of playing on a stool

Some experts would say this is actually the best way to initially learn how to play the drums. The reason for this is that there are fewer distractions when you don’t have a full drum set in front of you. And you can learn the basics of rhythm, first.

Check out Drumming Palace for good basic pieces to invest in.

Stepping It Up: Adding on Equipment

Once you have found your rhythm and have mastered the basics of a beat, you can start adding to your drum set collection. From here, you want to invest in these pieces:

  • A backup set of drum sticks
  • A bass drum and a good pedal
  • A snare drum as well as its stand
  • Cymbals and a hi-hat stand

You’ll find that 90 percent of drum playing takes place on these pieces alone. Bear in mind that drums and cymbals are just as important as one another. You want to invest as much money in choosing your drums as your cymbals!

From here, you can add on drum pieces as your skill level picks up. If you’re interested in pursuing drumming further than a mere hobby, here are some items to invest in:

  • A tom-tom drum — there are three variations, a floor-tom, high-tom, and a middle-tom
  • A ride cymbal or a crash cymbal
  • A metronome — to help you practice playing to a regular beat/pulse
  • A music stand
  • A good set of headphones — this is essential if you want to start learning songs so you can listen to drum beats as play

If you’re looking at drumming as a hobby you don’t need much more than the basic pieces listed above. But as your drumming skill increases you may be looking for more of a challenge. This is where tom-tom drums, a ride cymbal, metronome, and music stand can make all the difference.

A Hobby to Keep You Mentally and Physically Healthy

The basics of drumming and the kit you need won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, you don’t want to spend a fortune from the get-go and then find that drumming is not for you. Instead, invest in the basics then build onto your equipment from there.

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