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The Ultimate Guide To Improve Your Child’s Hydration

The Ultimate Guide To Improve Your Child’s Hydration

It’s crucial that kids get the daily fluids they need each day. Just like for adults,  water is very important for children. Their brain, heart, lungs, skin, and even bones need water to work effectively and maintain their performance. On top of that, water also aids in regulating children’s body temperature, promotes good digestion, removes waste from the body, avoids constipation, and performs a number of other functions.

Keep in mind that water should make up the majority of your child’s fluid intake, which will rise during the warmer months. You should give your toddler six to eight drinks (about 100-120 ml) per day. In extremely hot weather or after physically demanding activities, your children might need to drink more water. Make sure your child is drinking water at least every 20 minutes when it’s hot outside or if they are looking really active and perspiring a lot.

Even though the advantages of staying hydrated are obvious, some kids are difficult to persuade to drink up. There are many reasons why it is so hard for them to drink water. The reasons are varied, from the taste of water to not wanting to stop playing to drinking water. No matter what their reason is, one thing you know -it creates a lot of headaches for you!

Take a deep breath, and do not worry. Continue reading to get helpful advice on how to get your kids properly hydrated every day.

Always keep beverages on hand

When you leave the house, bring water bottles with you. During quiet times, like when they are having screen times or on car rides, you can give your child something to drink from the water bottles.

Set a good example by staying hydrated

Children are more likely to seek water when they observe Mom or Dad doing it frequently. So if you want your child to like to drink water, you should also set a good example for them.

Mix water with fruit

Sometimes children keep complaining because they do not like the taste of water. To fix this problem you can mix the water up with fruit to add extra taste. Squeeze the juice of a slice of lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit into plain water to improve the flavor. Alternatively, to give plain water some flavor, you can also add some fresh or frozen berries, cucumber slices, or mint.

Eat hydrating foods

Your child does not have to consume water in the form of actual liquids. Your child can stay hydrated by eating juicy fruits like watermelon and strawberries. The fruits’ inherent sugars and electrolytes will aid the body in better fluid circulation. In their meal, it is good to put vegetables such as cucumbers, broccoli, celeri, and lettuce. Many fruits and vegetables have a high water content, therefore it doesn’t necessarily have to be water.

With a wonderful combination of vitamins, minerals, and even fiber, these hydrating meals provide that additional burst of hydration for an all-around win. Their level of hydration can change throughout the day if they obtain water also from fruit and vegetables rather than just drinking water.

You can also treat your child with a hydrating snack to make them even more excited to consume them. You can make your own popsicles, from fruit puree or fruit juice without extra sugar on it. Afterward, you can just put it in the freezer, and let your child enjoy it afterward. This will be the ultimate treat for them, especially during the summer.

Pay attention to what they digest

Stay away from caffeinated beverages like iced tea and many sodas, as these can hasten the process of dehydration by causing an increase in fluid loss.

Allowing them to choose their own drinking supplies

Allowing your child to choose the best bottled water to drink, will be the ultimate strategy that will motivate them to keep their drinking supplies close, thus they will use it frequently. Take them to the nearest store, and ask them to choose their own drinking supplies. Children will love it when they think they have something cute on hand, especially something that they choose on their own.

Don’t wait for your children to express that they are thirsty before giving them water, instead what you can do is provide them with water and other hydrating meals and drinks all day long, especially during the summer when they need more fluids to be healthy.

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