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Three Things to Know When You’ve Collected Your New Car

Three Things to Know When You’ve Collected Your New Car

It’s an exciting moment when you’ve bought your new car and congratulations are in order. Whether it’s your first car or your fifth, it’s a big achievement to get your finances in order and purchase a new car. But you’ll want to be sure everything is in order once you’ve collected your new vehicle. Below, we explore three important things to know when you receive your new car.

Things to Check Before Receiving Your New Car

Perform checks

For a start, you should perform some basic checks once you receive the car. After all, it can be a real downer if you drive the car out of the showroom and discover faults. You should arrange an inspection in a bright location before performing some checks. Begin by checking the interior: the fabrics and the dashboard should all be unblemished and look freshly created. If you’re purchasing a new or used car, common issues include faulty parking sensors, air conditioning, and a turbocharger. It’s all worth reading up on your rights if you’ve purchased a faulty new or used car – there are options for you to seek recourse.

Getting the right paperwork

The next step is to ensure you have all the correct paperwork when you collect your new car. This paperwork should confirm the specification of the car you bought. Plus, you should investigate any extra costs and ensure that you don’t pay for anything you don’t want. You should also never buy a car without a VC5: this document registers a vehicle with a driver and the DVLA. Plus, it carries key information on the make and model of the vehicle. On top of this, you should make sure you have the paperwork you need to pay the appropriate car tax for your vehicle. Finally, if you’re buying a used vehicle, you should examine its service history to identify any potential issues.

Legally driving your car home

If the above checks all seem fine, you’ll just need to make sure that you can legally drive your car home. When you buy a new car, you won’t yet have insurance attached to it. Many garages will sort out a form of temporary insurance to cover you for your journey home. However, there’s a chance you’ll need to sort it yourself. In this situation, you should purchase temporary car insurance for yourself, whether you want to have a 15-minute test drive, or legally take it home.

Buying a new car is a truly exciting moment. A moment that you want to enjoy without any issues. And by following the guide above, you should be all set to avoid any hiccups and safely take your car home.

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