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Types of Angles

types of angles

Angles are by far the most crucial aspect of trigonometry to learn. These are indeed the foundation of geometry, and many complicated geometric problems may be addressed using their different characteristics. Because angles are an important element of trigonometry, it is critical to examine the different characteristics connected with them. They are essential to the concept of trigonometry. This emphasizes the significance of angles. It is important to understand the fundamentals of the various angles as well as the relationships between them.

Knowing about the various angles and studying the many characteristics connected with them would be essentially the reason behind geometry being so fascinating. An angle is a geometric figure produced by the confluence of two lines. These could also be produced by the junction of multiple planes. It is critical to investigate the various angles generated and the relationship between those angles when two lines intersect. An angle really represents the rotations of one line with reference to the other. Only by understanding the numerous connections between different angles could one resolve all of the geometry’s complicated issues. This article explains the various perspectives as well as their relationship of types of angles.

What are Angles?

When two lines cross at a location, an angle is produced. An “Angle” is the measurement of the “opening” between these two lines. Angles are commonly measured in degrees and radians, which are units of circularity or rotation. Angles are a part of our everyday lives. Angles are used in the design of roadways, buildings, and athletic facilities by engineers and architects. For the ones who are sports fans! How many of you have witnessed a sports event? Has anybody noticed where players have taken the corner kick? So, the location where the lines cross is known as an Angle.

Types Of Angles

Angles are classified into six kinds. On the basis of angular position, every type of angle has a distinct identity. Let’s take a look at each form of angle and their features one by one.

  1. Acute Angle: An acute angle is one with a measurement higher than 0° but less than 90°.
  2. Right Angle: A right angle is defined as the measure of an angle that equals 90 degrees. The right angle is clearly visible since it creates the pattern of the character L.
  3. Obtuse Angle: An obtuse angle is defined as the measure of an angle that is less than 180 degrees but more than 90 degrees.
  4. Straight Angle: A straight angle is an angle created by a horizontal line. It is one-half of a full circle rotation. The straight angle has a measurement of 180°.
  5. Reflex Angle: A reflex angle is an angle that is larger than 180° but far less than 360° in length.
  6. Complete Angle: A full angle is defined as the measure of an angle that equals 360 degrees.

Angle Pairings

Apart from the vertically opposite angles, there are several more angle pairings. These are as follows:

  • Complementary angles: Whenever the total of the measures of two different angles equals 90 degrees, the angle combination is seen as being complementary.
  • Supplementary angles: Whenever the total of the measures of two selected angles equals 180 degrees, the corresponding angle pair is seen to be supplementary.
  • Alternate exterior angles: Whenever a plane line crosses two parallel lines, the outside angles created are referred to as alternative external angles.
  • Adjacent angles: Angles with one shared arm and one common vertex are referred to as adjacent angles.


More than these, there are several other sorts of angle pairings, such as internal alternative angles, matching angles, and many more. This page is an attempt to disguise several such angle pairings and provide readers with a clear understanding of the various angles. Students may use Cuemath, an online platform, to learn more about this subject in depth.

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