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Upgrade Your Parent Safety Gear

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As your children grow older, your adventures are likely to grow with them. In order to keep up, consider upgrading your parent safety gear. Take action to prevent increased risks and learn what to do when an emergency strikes. With the right equipment on hand, you’ll be able to keep your adventurous family safe in a variety of situations.

Preventative Actions

The best way to keep your family safe is to prevent emergencies before they happen. Take time to ensure you are equipped with the right preventative gear to keep your adventures moving forward without a hitch.

Age-Appropriate Childproofing: Make Your Home Safe

When your crew was smaller, childproofing consisted of keeping them out of cabinets and away from electrical outlets. As they’ve grown older, you’ll still want to examine the safety of your home. Older children generally understand what poses a threat to their safety, but it doesn’t hurt to remind them or take additional measures to secure their home environment. Keep toxic medications and cleaners securely locked away, especially for kids who haven’t mastered reading complex labels. Check that your smoke alarms are up-to-date and have working batteries. It’s also important to take time to create and practise an escape plan. Teach your kids how to cook safely and provide safe cookware for their usage. Lastly, take additional measures to secure and store any firearms you may have in the house.

Protective Gear

Whether your family opts for intense skiing adventures or just recreational sports, be sure all are equipped with the best protective gear. Even the most experienced bicyclists need a high-quality, well-fitting helmet. Additionally, impact sports like football, hockey, baseball or softball require a sports-specific helmet to protect the head. It’s also wise to opt for knee and elbow pads for skateboarders or mountain biking. Look into eye protection, mouth guards, shin guards, and high visibility vests depending on the activity. Lastly, take time to research and equip the family with the right footwear for whatever adventure you’re embarking on. With the proper protective gear, you’ll be sure that your kids are safe when trips and tumbles inevitably occur.

Car Trip Survival Kit

Before you set out on your next road trip, be sure you’ve got the gear onboard to make your trip a success. Keep your family healthy, safe, and entertained with a well-rounded car trip survival kit.

MyFamilyTravels.com recommends parents keep the following items on hand for road trips:

  • Moist towelettes or wipes and/or paper towels
  • Zip-loc bags for trash, car sickness, etc.
  • Flashlight
  • Car charging unit for all electronics
  • Selection of books
  • Collection of music via Spotify or personal playlist
  • Portable DVD player, iPad or small laptop with a power adaptor to run off the car’s lighter outlet

Aside from items to keep the family in their seats, don’t forget to pack all travel documents (license, registration, proof of insurance) and a roadside emergency kit. Read on for more information on what to include in your car’s “emergency bag” in case you find yourself in a tough situation.

When Emergency Strikes

As you and your kids embark on a variety of adventures, emergencies are bound to happen. From minor cuts and scrapes to larger events (like possibly being stranded!), be sure you have the gear on hand for whatever might come your way. Here are just a few ways to keep your family safe:

Emergency Bag

Road trips with kids can be fun but risky depending on the climate, terrain and length of the trip. Be equipped with a roadside emergency kit in case things take a turn for the worse. Be sure you have car repair items like jumper cables, a spare tire kit, a fire extinguisher and a gas can. Have items to keep your family warm in cold climates like a mylar blanket, extra jackets and hand warmers. Additionally, pack to keep your crew safe from other passersby like a whistle, flashlight and roadside warning flags.

Improved First Aid Kit

Having a great first aid kit on hand can be helpful in a variety of situations. Think beyond your basic cuts and scrapes and equip yourself with a kit that will cover any injury your family might face. Besides the basics like band aids, gloves, and alcohol pads, find a kit that provides you with gear to deal with serious bleeding, chest injuries, or clearing the airway of an unconscious individual. Many kits, like TacMed’s Individual Response Kit, are small enough to fit in a purse or backpack or store under the seat of a car. Even better, TacMed’s kit includes access to their training portal that explains how to use each component of the kit.

Emergency Camping Supplies

If camping is your family’s activity of choice, be sure you’ve got the supplies needed in case emergency strikes. If you find yourself stranded at the campsite for longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances, having an emergency camping kit will keep you and the kids safe. Include non-perishable food, extra jugs of water, and back-up batteries for all electronics (from a phone to a lantern or headlamp). Pack hard-copy maps of the campsite and surrounding areas, remembering that you may not have cell service to access electronic maps. With a bit of pre-planning for a possible disaster, you can stay calm knowing you’re well-prepared with all the camping essentials.

Avalanche Gear

If your family is into cold-weather sports like skiing or snowboarding, consider investing in avalanche safety gear. An avalanche transceiver is essential for navigating less trafficked areas: it transmits a signal from the victim to their companions. A snow probe can help pinpoint the location of the buried person once the transceiver signal is received. Lastly, a snow shovel is essential for breaking down and moving snow: the bigger the better here! Of course, if you plan to navigate to snowy areas beyond a ski resort, proper research and training are needed to keep you and your family safe.

Upgrade Your Gear to Keep Your Family Safe

No matter what adventure your family chooses, be sure you’re doing all you can to keep them safe. From everyday activities like car rides and sports activities to larger adventures like camping trips or skiing, take time to evaluate your safety gear. Think about where you might be able to enhance your family’s safety measures and upgrade as needed. With the right gear on hand, you’ll have more fun with the peace of mind knowing your crew is set for any emergencies that might come your way.

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