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Using Simulations For Health And Safety Online Training

Health And Safety Online Training

Online health and safety training using HSI reduce workplace injuries while also ensuring the safety of your customers and clients. Your employees may believe that avoiding accidents, following safety guidelines, and taking control and rescue measures are simple. When they encounter safety issues in the real world slip and fall case value may arise, and they will realize that it is not as simple as they thought. What if your employees are practically trained in health and safety concepts? Dealing with accidents and critical situations would become easier. But how to do it? Simulation-based online training using HSI is one highly effective solution.

What is simulation-based training?

Simulation is an excellent educational and practice console for adult learners because it allows them to build on prior knowledge. Simulation has been widely used and has improved safety and efficiency in a variety of fields and industries. Similarly, simulation is now used in health care professional education through HSI.

How to use the simulations for health and safety online training?

Specific Learning Objective

Set specific learning objectives to assess the impact of your health and safety training. Defining specific and measurable learning objectives aids in achieving the desired outcome from online training. You must decide how safety simulations will support skills to achieve tangible results. Connect online training scenarios to real-world scenarios. For example, they must be able to handle the product safely to avoid cross-contamination.

Specific Instructions

Offer specific instructions for completing the health and safety simulation, such as accessing the platform and using the navigation control systems, etc.  This relieves their anxiety and allows them to concentrate on the task. Online instructors and coordinators must have all of the resources they need to provide support. Encourage them to test the activity before assigning it to employees. This allows them to explore the health and safety simulation, identify potential obstacles, and recommend additional online training resources.

Real-world Situations 

When implementing simulations, it is best practice to keep the scenario as close to real-world situations as possible while also taking time into account. For example, when creating a safety simulation to prevent a fire, keep the average time required to react in that situation as close to real-life as possible. Serious games based on simulations will elicit emotions and develop critical skills for reacting quickly in unexpected real-life situations.

Authoring Software Tools 

On the market, there are numerous authoring software tools. However, only a few tools will meet your specific safety training needs like HSI. Rich multimedia, themes, and characters are standard features of high-end authoring tools. If you want to work with basic software, you must obtain your media from royalty-free image and audio sites. You should also think about the type of health and safety simulation you want to create. For example, depending on the media you intend to use and the difficulty of the tasks.

Social Learning 

Simulations are heavily inquiry-based. This implies that your corporate learners will learn by gathering real-world data and examining all aspects of the situation. You can enhance these advantages by providing opportunities for social learning. For example, creating group-based simulations that pair with online discussions. Employees can see how their colleagues reacted in similar situations, allowing them to identify personal strengths and weaknesses.

Question Your Employees

After completing the simulation-based safety training, ask your employees key questions. This aids in the assessment of where they struggled and how to improve the safety simulation. You can also learn about learning patterns by analyzing reports generated by your Learning Management System (LMS). This demonstrates where the majority of learners are having difficulty and where the safety training program could be improved.


Utilizing health and safety simulations can help your employees gain a better understanding and experience, that could make the difference between life and death in toxic work environments. Online simulation-based training enables employees to apply their knowledge and skills in their daily jobs quickly and prepares them to deal with safety incidents in the real world.

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