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What Do Electricians Do?


Like any other modern nation, Norway enjoys the convenience of electricity in homes and businesses. In the capital of Oslo, there are power lines running from the stations that generate electricity to buildings all over the city. It can almost seem like magic, but it’s science at work. It takes a lot of people to construct, monitor and do repairs to the power grid. One of the most important positions is that of the electrician. A skilled trade, electricians are highly trained and vital to society. What exactly does an electrician do?

From the Source to You

The most basic description of the work of an electrician in Oslo is that they bring power from the local lines into your home or office. As working with electrical lines can be dangerous, electricians use safety equipment as well as their skill and experience to do their work. Another important aspect of the job is running the wires that bring power to all of the rooms in your building. This includes wiring outlets, light fixtures and large appliances such as stoves, refrigerators and dryers. Voltage requirements can vary from outlets to appliances and so the electrician must know how to connect each. An electrician will wire a new building or a new addition to an existing one.


If you are having a problem with the electricity, an electrician is trained to troubleshoot and repair the problem. There are many different devices and tools that are used to perform this task. An electrician can also bring the wiring of an old building up to current safety standards. They are knowledgeable enough to advise customers and answer their questions related to electrical-powered devices. An electrician may also clear trees and brush away from power lines to prevent fires. Electricians are also trained in first aid and CPR as the risk of shock is always present.


As with most other trades, there are several steps on the path to becoming an electrician. To begin training, a budding electrician must have a high school diploma. Attending a trade high school is beneficial as one can start learning the basics while still in school. The next step is an apprenticeship. This lasts from 4-5 years and includes classroom instruction and on-the-job training. The apprentice works under the supervision of a master who directs the training.

After completing the apprenticeship, the candidate becomes a journeyman and can work without the direct supervision of a master. They must however have a permit issued by a master. Eventually, the journeyman can take the exam to become a licensed master electrician. It’s a long process, but necessary to ensure the ability to perform the job safely and effectively.

Necessary Skills

An electrician must possess a particular set of skills to become a master. They must be physically fit and able to carry loads of up to 50 pounds. They must have excellent balance, the ability to work in high places and to be on their feet all day. An electrician needs excellent manual dexterity to use tools and good color vision as wires and connectors are color-coded. An analytical mind and problem-solving skills are all an asset and electricians must be team players as they often work in groups.

The skilled trades are essential to modern living. Electricians are some of the most important and skillful tradespeople. It takes years of education and training to become an electrician, but it is a rewarding job one can be proud of. It also provides a good salary and job security. Electricians in Oslo are worth every penny of their salary.

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