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What You Should Do In The Event Of A Road Accident

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It is essential after a traffic accident or road accident, if your health allows it, to react very quickly by taking different steps. The idea is to safeguard your rights, particularly compensation for your bodily injury as a traffic victim. Anyone involved in a crash should speak to a car accident attorney Charlotte-located, if that is where the incident occurred.

After the Accident

Immediately after a road accident, the victim must react at the scene of the accident and never leave the accident scene. If the victim is in a state of confusion, he may want to leave the vehicle altogether. He may only get out of the damaged vehicle if it’s safe to avoid a vehicle pile-up. It is advisable that anyone involved in the crash should wait for law enforcement and the paramedics to get there.

Collecting Evidence

It is then necessary to collect all the evidence allowing you to reconstruct the facts of the road accident, especially in the event of a dispute about responsibilities (for example accident between a motorcyclist and a motorist). As such, it is necessary to solicit all the witnesses of the accident by taking their full contact details even if the police can do it too. Indeed, in many cases, the witnesses may disappear when the police arrive on the scene, or through various types of negligence, the identity is mistaken.

When the Police Arrives

If the road accident victim is able to use his smartphone, it is recommended to take as many photos as possible (damage from the road accident, circumstances of the road accident, signs, and especially the position of the vehicles injured at the time of the accident.) In the event of a traffic accident, the police must arrive and the victim or the witnesses must contact them quickly. The police will then carry out blood alcohol checks and drug screening on the people involved in the accident. Sometimes the person responsible for a traffic accident may try to ask the victim not to call the police. Apart from the catastrophic consequences in the event of bodily injury, responsibilities will not be clearly determined if this occurs.

Medical Certificate

In summary, the victim should collect all useful information, such as information on the driver at fault (take a photo of their green card and license plate), the position of the vehicles before they moved. When the victim of a road accident is hospitalized, the administration gives him an “initial medical certificate”. This document is very important and must mention all the injuries, even the slightest ones. It is often very badly drafted and has disastrous consequences in terms of legal consequences and therefore, on compensation for the bodily injuries of the traffic victim.

After Leaving the Hospital

The victim of a road accident must compile a medical file, and as such, must gather as much evidence as possible, and keep all the documents provided by the hospital ( analysis, etc.) and all the supporting documents relating to the expenses incurred. On leaving the hospital, the road accident victim must send his health insurance organization the doctor’s prescriptions, the treatment sheets, and the work stoppage certificate.

The Insurance Company

In addition, if the victim of a road accident has in his vehicle insurance contract a specific individual accident guarantee, he will send it to the insurance companies concerned with acknowledgement of receipt within 5 working days from the date of the accident (or by telephone if the insurer acknowledges receipt of your declaration by email). Do not forget to specify your name, the number of your insurance policy (contract), the date, the place and the exact circumstances of the accident, the contact details of any witnesses, your address, and your place of hospitalization. Make sure that you also set an appointment to speak to a charlotte car accident attorney, whether on the phone or in person.

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