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When Is It Time for Assisted Living?

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An assisted living facility is a community of seniors who need help in going about their daily activities. According to the National Center for Assisted Living and the American Health care Association, there are over a million seniors who reside in assisted living communities.

In these facilities, there are basic amenities that enable the residents to live comfortably. The category of people in assisted living facilities is those that don’t require the services of a nurse or need dementia care.

These facilities are designed for individuals who only need help to carry out daily activities.

Questions That Can Help to Know it is Time for Assisted Living

We will consider some questions that you need to ask in deciding whether it is time to seek assisted living for your loved ones. How accurate you can get answers to these questions will go a long way in helping you make the right decisions.

You shouldn’t wait before things get really bad before taking the right decision. You need to be proactive when you start seeing certain signs. Here are some of the questions you need to ask.

Does your loved one need help in carrying out a daily living?

Essential Activities of Daily Living (ADL) include bathing, toileting, dressing, and mobility. Does your senior struggle to carry out these tasks or can’t even carry out the tasks at all? Are they able to take medication on their own without supervision or monitoring? If they can’t do these things, then it is time to consider moving them to an assisted living facility.

Are they able to Socialize?

If your senior is finding it hard to socialize and always want to be by themselves. Then, you need to help them by taking them to an assisted living facility. Doing so will allow them to interact with the staff of the facility and other residents. This can help them from being lonely and falling into depression.

Also, in these facilities, they have access to fitness classes, games, happy hours, and a lot more.

Will they benefit from Assisted Living?

The health condition of most seniors improves as soon as they are taken to an assisted living facility. This is because they get coordinated care from physical therapists, doctors, and other health professionals. You can also have them see their doctors in the facility.

Is a maintenance-Free Lifestyle likely to Reduce Stress?

With the help of assisted living, they do not need to bother about daily house chores. For seniors, the number of chores to be done increases. In this facility, they don’t have to bother cleaning, laundry, bed-making, vacuuming, or other activities.

Does your senior Lack access to Proper Nutrition?

Most times, seniors do not have the strength of going to the grocery shop to get what they need and cooking can even be stressful so they eat just junk or anything they see around. Poor nutrition can affect their health negatively. However, in assisted living, they get fresh fruit, drinks, healthy snacks, and well-prepared meals, and in the dining room, they have the opportunity of socializing.

Has their Doctor Recommend Assisted Living?

If their doctors or caregivers recommend assisted living, then do not hesitate to make the move. Sometimes, the decision might not lie with just members of the family alone. Once, you get an expert recommendation do not waste any time in getting assisted living for your senior.

Is your physical and mental health suffering?

Ask yourself if you can cope with the stress of going about your personal life and still having to care about a loved one. The task can be overwhelming and daunting such that you can’t handle the situation. At this stage, you might want to consider assisted living for your loved one.

Does the Person Enjoy your Company?

As a caregiver, if your answer to this question is a no or negative, then you need to consider a change. That change might just be taking the person to an assisted living facility.

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