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4 Reasons Why Bridal Sets Are the Smart Choice When Shopping for Rings


When searching for the perfect ring for the bride-to-be, you want something unique, glamorous, chic, and most of all, romantic. You want something that symbolizes your love and the commitment you plan to make at both the engagement and wedding.

Is there such a ring?

Possibly, but you’re more likely to find a bridal set that checks all those boxes and more.

Today, bridal sets are in popular demand because they save time and money and eliminate a lot of the stress associated with shopping for wedding rings.

What Are Bridal Sets?

A bridal set is a pair of two rings – an engagement ring and a matching band. Not to be confused with a wedding set, which consists of three rings – an engagement ring and band for the bride and a band for the groom. Wedding sets may or may not have matching bands.

Purchasing a bridal set is the extra step when looking to purchase rings for the soon-to-be bride. You enhance the engagement ring by pairing them with the absolute perfect wedding band. When worn together, the set is ideal for remembrance of the special occasion.

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Bridal Sets When Shopping for Rings

The advantages of purchasing a bridal set are plentiful; however, there are four reasons that will help you consider looking at bridal sets from the very beginning.

1. Bridal Sets Offer The Best Value

Every penny, dime, and dollar count when you’re planning and saving for your special day. When you purchase a set of rings, you typically save more money because of the package deal price. Plus, you only have one payment and one warranty!

Don’t be surprised if you spend a little more than you would when purchasing just the engagement ring. But you end up saving money overall on the wedding band as the big day nears. The savings depends on the bridal set of your choosing, but often savings can reach hundreds of dollars.

2. Bridal Sets Are More Aesthetically Pleasing

Unless you’ve bought engagement rings and wedding bands before, then you don’t know how hard it can be to find the perfect match for two different rings.

Choosing a band to match the engagement ring is often one of the hardest aspects of shopping. It’s rare to go into a store and find the same metal, style, and gemstones that complement the first ring. When purchased separately, you’ll find that many rings do not stack well together.

Bridal sets ensure a beautiful and comfortable fit. When two rings are meant to be together, you will instantly fall in love.

3. Bridal Sets Are Customizable

Aside from being comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, bridal sets are often customizable to any unique taste.

Does the bride-to-be like traditional or non-traditional stones? A smooth, twisted, or asymmetrical band?

Regardless of the style and stone, you can easily find a customizable bridal set that reflects a personal style, as well as the love you have for one another.  Additionally, the size will fit perfectly on the hand of your new bride. No rings will be sliding up and down her finger or accidently falling into the sink drain!

4. Bridal Sets Are Convenient and Stress-Free

When your wedding list is overwhelming, from choosing venues, cakes, gowns, tuxes, the to-do list can easily become a blue. This is especially true when you have to do last minute tasks. Being able to choose the rings at once is a breath of fresh air.

Plain and simple – buying a bridal set is convenient and as stress-free as ring shopping can be. You only have to shop for rings once, and you save time by purchasing at the same place. Plus, if you purchase the rings at the same time and in the same place, you never have to worry about the traditional stressors of finding a matching band or keeping up with the warranty for two rings.

Proposing With A Bridal Set

A frequently asked question heard is, “Can I propose with a bridal set?”

The answer – absolutely!

Traditionally, you propose with only an engagement ring and then a wedding band on the special day. However, all of this is a personal preference of the bride. You can easily propose with a bridal set to let your wife-to-be know that you went the extra step in buying the combination.

Many bridal sets will come apart, meaning you can separate them so that the future bride has an engagement ring and then a wedding band on the wedding day. If this is the case, most bridal sets can be soldered together, making them permanently joined.

The good news is that there are no rules to proposing. You can choose to propose with an engagement ring only, a bridal set, or a twisty- tie off a loaf of bread – which is never recommended by the way!


Purchasing the perfect bridal set is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when it comes to your future together. Remember the old saying, “Happy wife, happy life?” You will not have a happy wife if her engagement ring and wedding band don’t match.

An engagement ring is designed to enhance the beauty of the wedding band. If you choose rings that don’t align well together in terms of style and fit, more than unhappy and disappointed brides can occur. For instance, if the engagement ring and wedding band don’t align, friction and scraping are likely to happen.

The four benefits listed above are just a few advantages of purchasing a bridal set. Keep in mind that, more than likely, your wedding rings are the one piece of jewelry that you’ll wear every day until the end of time.

It’s vital that you and your future bride love your rings just as much as you love one another. This is the one symbol of love that you share and it needs to be as special as your own story.

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