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Tom Brady Net Worth (July 2024)

Tom Brady Net Worth
Net Worth:$512 million
Real Name: Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr.
Source of Wealth‎:NFL Player, Model
Country of Origin:San Mateo, California, United States
Age‎:3 August 1977 (age 44 years)
Spouse:Gisele Bündchen (m. 2009)
Children:Vivian Lake Brady, Benjamin Brady
Height‎:1.93 m
Last Updated:2023

If you are an NFL fan, one cannot go unheard of the stunning New England Patriots quarterback and model Tom Brady! Despite his late selection in the Draft, he made sure to go down into NFL history. Having played in nine Super Bowls, he conquered six of them! Due to such astonishing performance, he is considered the most prominent ‘steal’ in the timeline of the NFL. Furthermore, stepping into the Patriots in 2001, the team has never had a defeat during the regular season. In addition to this, they won a whopping 17 division titles.

Having said the track of Tom Brady, it’s not surprising he appeared on Forbes in 2019. He was ranked 81st Highest-Paid Athletes worldwide. However, here comes the burning question, “How much is the Patriot star worth?”

Tom Brady’s Net Worth in Career

Tom Brady’s Net Worth in Career

Tom Brady has been shining for two full decades with the NFL. Indeed, he spent significant time in the top tier. An average quarterback earns $20 million per annum. At the same time, Brady has reconstructed his deal to help his team’s budget. Just as we say, ‘Charity begins at home.’ For years, he has converted his salary into a signing bonus. For example, in 2017, Brady took a hefty signing bonus of $14 million. However, his salary was capped at only $1 million.

Although he has helped his team, he has earned what an elite quarterback should. He has a style of not having a contract at any point in his career. Even his rookie contract was only two years. After the first Super Bowl win, he bragged about his first extension of the 2002 season for four years. The agreement made him rich by $30 million. After winning two more Super Bowl Championships, he was rewarded with a justified new extension following the trend.

In the year of 2010, he was paid $60 million only to keep the team! Now, that is some considerable sum, but he was worth it. During this tenure, he accelerated his progress from above-average to the elite club of quarterbacks. In 2007, he won his first Most Valuable Player! Yet again, he signed another contract before the end of the previous. With a year remaining, he signed the most significant hike for four years of $72 million. Patriots willingly added four more years to it, but Brady asked for a $27 million discount. Finally, in 2016, he received a signing bonus of $28 million to be around until 2019.

Post-2019, Brady unlocked the chance to become a free agent. As the free agency season began, he informed his fans he was not returning to New England. Nevertheless, reports came down pouring, suggesting he has signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Therefore, both teams have agreed to pay a sum of $30 million per annum.

On the whole, Brady has a contract of $30 million per annum. In his career with the Patriots from 2001 to 2019, he received $230 million just as a salary. Furthermore, in the same tenure, Tom Brady had earned an additional $100 million from endorsements. Out of 9, Brady won 6 Super Bowl Championships and also MVP four times. Not only did such titles trigger bonuses, but Brady also got cars.

Moreover, by the time his contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is terminated, he will earn approximately $280 million. It should be noted that it is the lower predicted amount in 2 years. In addition to this, he will bring a minimum of $140 million from endorsements. Therefore, to wrap up his career earnings, Tom Brady’s net worth will be $420 million.

Tom Brady’s Relationship

Tom Brady’s Relationship

Tom Brady made spicy news in 2004 when he was dating Bridget Moynahan. However, they broke up in 2006. At the beginning of 2007, Bridget told the media she was pregnant with Brady’s child. Their child – Edward Thomas Moynahan, came into the world in August 2007.

Following their breakup, Brady was introduced to Gisele Bündchen through a blind date. The couple got married in February 2009 at St. Monica Catholic Church. However, they kept the ceremony small in Santa Monica, California. Two months later, they had another service in Costa Rica. The couple has a son and a daughter born in 2009 and 2012, respectively.

It should be noted Gisele Bündchen makes more than Tom Brady’s net worth. The most successful supermodel and the fashion icon is said to be worth $360 million. Therefore, combining the couple’s worth, we get approximately $540 million.

Bündchen has been a consistent star in her field. Since 1990, she has maintained her standard of modeling. She didn’t go out of the limelight, not even once! She held her record as the highest-paid model in the world for 15 years. However, it was Kendall Jenner who broke her streak in 2017. Unfortunately, it was the same year when her salary was down by 43%.

Nevertheless, her income is steady and burning high. Although she doesn’t come on the ramp frequently, she earns crazily from endorsements. She still walks for Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, and Pantene. She has also successfully launched businesses like skincare products and Ipanema flip-flops.


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The model’s face gets plastered almost everywhere now. He has got plenty of companies hooked up for endorsements. Besides being the brand ambassador of TAG Heuer, he will also endorse Aston Martin. He has also signed deals with Foot Locker, Under Armour, and UGC. As we know, Tom Brady is not planning to retire any sooner. Consequently, big companies are bound to line up next for his endorsement.

The couple reportedly bought a $33.9 million custom-built 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom home in January 2020 in Massachusetts. Although the property was soaring high for $40 million in 2019, the price was slashed down in the Brookline hit.

From career to real estate to ongoing endorsements, Tom Brady has accumulated a significant sum. Along with his wife, she can contribute a total of $360 million. Therefore, we can safely say they have at least $540 million right now, merging the bank amounts of this couple.

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