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6 Safety Rules to Follow In A Construction Site

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Construction sites are pretty dangerous places to work at. In 2012-13 Australia, the construction industry accounts for almost 9% of the total workforce but 10% of the workers’ claims for injury compensations.

If you are a part of a construction working team or involved indirectly, here are six very important things that you must follow to ensure your safety at all times.

Construction Site Safety Rules And Regulations to Follow

1. Always wear PPE

PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment, is a must for every construction worker. It helps to protect against any injury to the eyes, limbs, or other parts of the body. In case there is any electrical or mechanical mishap, your PPE will help you to stay safe.

Ideally, a construction worker’s PPE should include protective gloves, a helmet, safety goggles or glasses, knee pads, earmuffs, respirators, and a vest among other things. Always remember to keep the PPE clean before every use and make sure every piece of equipment fits you properly.

2. Keep yourself and others out of harm’s way

Ever heard of the saying “Actions speak louder than words”? Well, in the case of construction site safety, this is true! You must always follow protocol and make sure both you and others are kept out of harm’s way.

Even a single wrong move could put you in grave danger causing a serious accident or even death. If you see a worker playing or fiddling with dangerous equipment, immediately ask them to stop. Make sure everyone is aware of the safety rules throughout.

3. Keep the site clean

Everyone knows that no matter the nature of work, a clean worksite is a safe site. Construction sites, especially, are known to be filled with hazardous materials like rubble, bits of glass, and toxic debris. After every day of work, you and your teammates should clean out the entire place as much as possible.

Not only will the dust and dirt cause respiratory illnesses but can also hamper the quality of work that you do. Hidden iron or steel rods can be equally harmful. So clean everything thoroughly.

4. Report defects

If you notice any defects in the materials that you are working with, never hesitate to report them to the person concerned. Ask your supervisor to look into the problem. If a near-miss also occurs, file a near-miss report or an incident report and notify your supervisor.

Whatever the reporting procedure that your company might have, put it into good use. The management authorities can only act quickly if you take action quickly. So never think twice before calling out a defect or hazard on the construction site.

5. Ensure ladder safety

Ladder safety is another area of concern in any construction workplace. Even if everyone gives their minimum attention to it, many accidents and injuries can be avoided. By making sure that both you and everyone else know the ladder safety rules, you can ensure maximum safety. Some of the important ladder safety points are:

The ladder should be strong, sturdy, and free from corrosion or damage

It should always be taller than the height till where the climber wishes to reach

Unskilled workers should be supervised or restricted from climbing

Fall protection should be there for every climb

Fall hazard signs should always be used

6. Always use good-quality products

Lastly, in order to make sure that the construction stays strong and you stay safe, use tools and raw materials that are of the highest possible quality. If you are looking for some concrete solutions to your construction problems, visit https://civilmart.com.au/ today.

The experts at CivilMart specialize in the manufacture and production of the best-quality precast concrete for commercial and residential projects. No matter what the climate is or where the construction needs to be done, the products from CivilMart will make sure the project is a big hit!

Over to you…

Occupational safety and knowledge are of utmost importance for the construction crew. This is why you should keep analyzing and checking for potential hazards. If you are unsure of what to do, ask someone to help you instead of tampering with anything yourself.

It only takes a few minutes to check and make sure everything is in order but if you don’t, it can cause permanent damage. So always believe in the saying that prevention is better than cure. Adhere to general safety guidelines and ensure that everyone else does too.

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