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How To Combine Your SEO and Email Marketing Efforts to Boost Success?

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not limited to websites and search engines. Both On-page and off-page SEO is necessary. Email marketing contributes to it as well. SEO helps you to get a higher ranking in the SERPs. Emails boost this process as it is a universal way of communication between you and your audience for boosting your reach. Email marketing and SEO are similar in the sense that both helps in brand promotion. So, they can be used together to get the most out of your marketing efforts. The ways to do so are described below:

Lower your bounce rates:

By utilizing email marketing, greatly targeted traffic can be received to a website. Blog posts can be shared with email lists with a correct CTA (call-to-action). The people who have an interest in that particular CTA will make a click and visit your website.

Those visitors are considered to be the most qualified ones, and they will most probably like your content. This will reduce bounce rates as there are low chances for them to bounce from your website. You may hire an SEO Agency to understand how to reduce your bounce rates.

Discover the search intent:

Google is focusing on improving the UX (User Experience). For doing this, Google shows relevant results based on what a user does a search. For serving the relevant content, you will have to find out the intent of the user behind the query.

For doing this correctly, make use of email marketing. Do a survey and send it to your email list. In the survey, you may ask your audience about their challenges, desires, fears, and more associated with the topic.

And based on the answers they provide you with, you can figure out what kind of things goes through their minds. Then, you can craft an article with all the answers to those questions that most of your subscribers have asked.

With this strategy, you can understand the state of mind of your searchers from themselves. Therefore, it is more likely for the content to connect fine with their intent.

For making it more effective, you can improve its effectiveness by sending a blog post to the members of your email list. This will increase their chances of reading it more. This will eventually reduce bounce rates as well.

Make use of automated sequences for traffic generation:

You can automate things with email. Automated email sequences can be created, and you can let them work magically. As soon as you get a new subscriber, they can see watch your best posts without you needing to put in any manual efforts. This kind of email sequence will provide you with an automated traffic flow that will continue to grow with the size of your email list.

And as soon as Google notices this increment, it will begin to rank your website higher in the SERPs. It happens because Google will find out that the visitors are genuinely finding the things in your website that they are looking for.

Improve social media engagement:

Whenever you send an email having social sharing options, it encourages your subscribers to share your content. But you need to include a CTA that asks them to do so. The shares will help to generate more social engagement and will be driving more traffic to your site.

Moreover, higher social media engagement can boost your SEO because social media engagements positively affect the rankings.

Apart from the improvement in engagement, your reach also gets higher. Even the people who are not aware of your website or brand notices it on social platforms, and they may Google about it.

This particular increase in the search volume helps Google to notice that more people are finding you, which will ultimately improve the search rankings of your website.


Email marketing does not influence your SEO directly, but you can make use of it for driving traffic to your site. And by receiving relevant and potential traffic, your bounce rates will get reduced. The newsletters can also be repurposed, and you may also make blog posts that can potentially rank in the searches. Ask for reviews from your subscribers as it can help you with your SEO. Deliver personalized content, use CTAs correctly, and enhance social media engagement to get the maximum results.

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