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How Much Money Does A Social Media Influencer Make?


Influencers and content creators earn money based on the platform they use, their impact and reach, but also on the originality of their posts.

The most classic method, and which not only continues to work but in some cases with impressive figures, is the traditional publication of posts on a blog. In this case, the benefit depends on the authority of that domain, and therefore the number of clicks it generates and the number of unique users who visit it per month. This figure is directly linked to the advertising that is included on the website in question. With this format, we can find benefits from 75 dollars per month, up to 5,500 in the case of highly successful blogs.

If we look at more contemporary platforms, we see that social networks are very different in many ways. Social Media is the main platform used today by influencers. For example, Instagram can bring you $10 for every 1,000 followers. A video on YouTube can bring you up to $20 per thousand unique views. And TikTok, the network of the moment, raises the average figure to 25 dollars per thousand followers.

Traditional Method vs Automation

There are many ways influencers can make money on social media. One of the most common is getting paid by brands or companies that link their branding to your content. They are collaborations that can be paid for an agreed figure or by the commission, it is known as ‘affiliate marketing’, so that the content creator sometimes participates in the commercial part and benefits from each sale from their publication.

Every day there are more content creators who leave the traditional circuit and link to social networks to expose their products. They sell it directly to their followers, who explicitly pay to see that exclusive photo or video.

For this, there are payment gateways that send this financial consideration directly to the creator, forcing him (or his team) to verify that the payment is correct and facilitating access to the agreement for the subscriber. An archaic process and a waste of time.

Today there are technological tools such as Pretopay, which works integrated with Telegram and is also compatible with all other social networks and platforms such as YouTube or Twitch, and channels payments for premium content automatically, with the monthly renewal of subscribers. and an anti-fraud system that provides peace of mind to prescribers.

The content produced by the influencer is the content of interest to their followers, whether it is a personalized chat, a private video, advice, an analysis… and in return, their subscribers pay to have exclusive access to it. To manage this external payment, the best and most modern solution is Pretopay. An influencer of any subject, can have private groups or channels with thousands of subscribers, can you imagine managing those thousands of payments and verifying that they are correct? Hence the success of this tool that has just appeared on the market: Pretopay.

Success in repercussion and profits

A successful influencer can make between $30,000 and $100,000 a year. But if we look at those who manage authentic legions of fans, the number easily goes into the six figures, even reaching the million dollars.

A benchmark in this type of market is Cristiano Ronaldo, the highest-paid influencer on the planet, and more so if we talk specifically about Instagram. His account is the one with the most followers in the world with 268 million followers. According to reports published in recent years, Cristiano Ronaldo had earned around 50 million dollars from promotional posts on this social network. The price of one of these posts is around 975,000 dollars, a figure perfectly affordable by very large companies such as Nike or Herbalife.

These are new times, which evolve very quickly, you have to adapt, and in the case of influencers it is not enough to have a lot of reaches, you also have to know well the most direct and simple ways to monetize what your fans are willing to pay for them.

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