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How to Create Instagram Post That Stands Out_ 5 easy Ways

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Instagram is a unique marketing platform for all businesses. To shine here, get more business, opportunities, and grow, you have to stand out. Instagram is not the place to blend in with the rest of the crowd. To achieve success, you have to stand out through your post. The content you share needs to be incredible, unique, and amazing so that you get high engagement. Because the engagement goes down on your account, you can forget high conversions or traffic for your business website.

Thus, buck up and create a strategy that helps you create posts that stand out. The following tips will inspire you to create a strategy ensuring your posts stand out to get higher reach, engagement, and more.

Best Tips for Create Instagram Post

Create an engaging post

People are often rushing from one post to another. If you want them to stop and pay attention to your post, you have to do something that engages them instantly with your post. Now, this can be a mind-boggling puzzle or a simple post that makes them pause (like self-pampering). For instance, if you are a jewellery brand, you can create a puzzle that asks the user to declutter their minds and get rid of anxiety through organising their jewellery. This way, you are asking them to do a bit of self-pampering or organising and marketing your jewellery business too.

If you think a puzzle is a too much work, put up a simple post that asks your users to breathe with a piece of soothing music. Remember, not all your posts have to be about your business to gain engagement or high followers for your account. Pro tip: Buy Instagram followers if you are new on IG. It helps your unique post to get more engagement.

Take advantage of the slideshow feature of Instagram

Instagram allows you to make a slideshow of your own on your feed. You don’t have to post one photo only and call it a day. You can share up to ten photos. Also, these can include short videos or boomerangs. The slideshow feature can give your post a unique look, making it stand out.

The best use of the slideshow feature is to show a before and after reveal. For example: if you are a Yoga trainer, show how a client lost significant weight sustainability. The trick to making it more impressive is to take both the pictures from the same angle and use the same filters, editing technique, and more.

Share memes

Sharing memes that humanise your brand is another way to create posts that stand out on Instagram. Make sure your posts are humorous as they can invoke emotions in your audience, best for boosting engagement. Keep it relatable and be consistent with your memes.

Share testimonials

Another post idea is to share testimonials or reviews about your products. If you get a great review from your customer, share it on IG.

Post about breaking the myth

As a business owner, you know more about your field and are an expert in the same. Thus, an incredible post idea is to share a video or post or reel breaking myths in your industry.

Make it impressive and interactive so that people watch it completely.

Make sure the lighting is right

Most influencers work with their phones while creating a post for their Instagram users. Thus, you must pay attention to how you are clicking the photos. One thing that can make or break your image is the lighting, so always pay attention to the light. Some tips:

Always try to take a picture when you have one of three lighting sources around. These are- natural light (nature or sun); artificial light (lamp, ring light, or selfie light); light patches. The outcome you get from this is unmatchable.

Experiment with angles

Another way to make your post unique is to play with the angle of your photo. Turn your phone upside down, try every angle and determine the one which gives you the best results

The key to success on Instagram is to share unique posts with content that help it stand out. Moreover, be consistent with your efforts. Otherwise, you will find it challenging to get the results you want.

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