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8 Important Tips To Consider To Rank On The First Page Of Search Results

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We all know how important Google has become in our daily lives. From reading content to finding help for assignments to looking for the nearest salons, Google has been there to guide us throughout.

In fact, did you know that Google processes more than 8.5 billion searches every day? Out of all these searches, how do you make sure your product or website is the first one to pop up on the search page? Here are eight tips to help you out!

Best Tips To Rank On The First Page Of Search Results

1. Let Google know about your website

The first thing to do is to make sure Google knows that you exist. Google bots always crawl web pages and never fail to search for the right sites. However, it might take time to find your website. So it’s best to go forward and let Google know about your site by submitting your XML sitemap.

2. Choose the right keywords

Before thinking of appearing on the first page, you need to choose the correct keywords that will help you to rank up. These are essentially sets of words that describe your company and services. People will type these keywords in the search bar and your website should be the first to pop up on Google when they do.

3. See your competitors

You’ve probably tried a lot of things to rank on the first page but maybe none of these ways seems to be working out. This might be because your competitors have already gained a wide consumer base. Therefore, do a bit of research regarding your competitors and their marketing strategies. You need to know what you’re up against so that you can stand out among others.

4. Make a page that supports search intent

This is an important tip to remember- the websites ranked on Google’s first page are just web pages, not the sites themselves. For example, you might rank on the first page of search results that come up when someone types “how to fix my faucet” and “plumbers near me”. These are two different pages.

You just need to make sure that the content of the website where you want to rank contains the information that Google needs to rank for your target keywords.

5. Include internal links

Backlinks are important because they can testify to your website’s authenticity. High-authority pages tend to rank higher and often appear on the first search result page. If you have multiple quality backlinks for your page, it means that it contains important information that others should check out.

One of the best ways to incorporate backlinks is to visit websites similar to yours and email them, asking them to link your posts to theirs.

6. Aim for featured snippets

You probably already know about short snippets that can be found on top of Google’s search results. This is even better than ranking right on the first page! Featured snippets help to answer quick queries and can greatly help you to land upright on top. If you wish to know more on how to utilize featured snippets, contact any Sydney SEO agency near you.

7. Manage the metatags properly

Metatags are short phrases or texts that crop up on Google’s search results to give users a short introduction to the content. Metatags are basically a lot like featured snippets but are considerably shorter. In order to create your own metatag, you can only use up to 120 characters. Make sure to put the most crucial or important information, along with your keywords, to attract customers.

8. Optimize the page for mobile devices

People rely much more on their phones than laptops or desktops because phones are much more convenient to carry. Half of the world’s internet traffic comes via mobile devices. Therefore, you should see to it that your webpage is mobile-friendly and quickly opens on cellphones. Your hard work will go to waste if your page doesn’t load properly on phones or glitches frequently.

Over to you…

These eight tips, if followed properly, can boost up your website and make it appear to the public right on Google’s first page! All you have to do is ask a reputed SEO agency for their help and follow their instructions. It might take some time to actually see your page on top, but don’t give up easily. With patience and determination, you can also achieve just what you want!

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