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Marketing Strategies For Lawyers

As a lawyer, you might be wondering about new and creative ways to pull in clients and maintain the ones you have. You may not think marketing is your strong point, but you can still follow some strategies to promote your services. Read on to learn about some of them.

Marketing Plan For Law Firm

Build a Good Website

One of your best marketing tools is your website. Potential clients often do online searches when they need legal help, so make sure your website lands at the top of their search results list. To do this, you should think in terms of lawyer SEO. SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” and it involves strategically placing keywords throughout your website’s content that search engines will pick up. If you have trouble thinking of keywords, try Google’s keyword tool. Don’t overwhelm your website with keywords, which can get unwieldy, but make sure they’re in place.

Also, your website should clearly state your services and contact information and include your profile. Create easy-to-navigate menus and build some secondary pages that go into more detail about your services. You could even start a blog that provides educational content about legal issues.

Use Social Media

You might think that people looking for legal advice wouldn’t turn to social media, but social media can work as one of your marketing strategies. Set up sites for yourself on several platforms and keep them updated with pertinent details. Make sure your contact information is front and center so potential clients can see and use it.

Advertise Thoroughly

Even as you build your online presence, don’t neglect more traditional forms of advertising. For example, frequently take out ads in your local newspaper or even purchase a permanent box on the newspaper’s “local services” page. If your city has a radio station, you might occasionally run an ad on it to reach a different audience. Even television ads are a possibility if you have the budget for them.

Appear in Directories

Make sure your office appears in several lawyer directories, both in print and online. Potential clients do use these to search for legal help, so you should have entries and keep them updated. In addition, check your profiles frequently because many online directories allow clients to rate lawyers, and you’ll want to respond if, for some reason, you receive a poor rating. Do some research into the various directories and decide on a couple of the best to subscribe to.

Connect With Your Clients

Finally, your clients can provide you with some of your most effective marketing, so establish strong connections with them. Do your best to serve them well even if you can’t win every case. Provide advice and guidance that your clients can understand and follow, and explain laws and procedures in clear, concise language. When your customers are satisfied, they will tell others about you. Referrals can become one of your primary sources of new clients, so don’t neglect this key marketing strategy.

Now that you have some marketing tools, start using some of them to promote your law office and attract new clients.

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