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4 Quick Facts About Content Syndication Marketing You Need to Know

4 Quick Facts About Content Syndication Marketing You Need to Know

In most respects, the approximately 32.5 million small businesses that make up a surprisingly large chunk of US employers are largely dissimilar. They operate in widely divergent industries, ranging in size from one-person operations to employing hundreds of people and face different challenges.

Yet, all of those businesses share a need for effective marketing. Some rely on more traditional methods, like TV and print ads, while most leverage digital marketing to some level.

One option largely flies under the radar of most businesses: content syndication marketing. Ever heard of content syndication before? Keep reading for four things you should know about it.

1. What Is Content Syndication?

Content syndication is when you allow other websites to republish original content from your website. For example, let’s say you write really great blog posts about your particular kind of business.

Other websites want well-written content to help them attract and keep their audience. Republishing your content helps them keep publishing great content to satisfy their readers.

Syndicated content also helps spare them the expense of producing content themselves.

2. Benefits of Content Syndication

While it’s clear what the site republishing your content gets out of the deal, you may rightly wonder what you get out of the deal. Fear not; it isn’t a one-way street.

One of the benefits you typically see is a boost in brand awareness for you. The republishing site doesn’t get to pretend they created the content. You get credited.

Just as importantly, you typically get fresh backlinks to your site. Search engines love it when you get backlinks from sites with good domain authority.

3. Syndicate with a Plan in Mind

Syndicating content won’t work well if you don’t go into the process with a plan in mind. Specifically, you need a good content plan.

A good content plan starts with your content calendar. You need it fleshed out with well-conceived topics. You also need a clear plan for content creation.

Will you produce it with in-house talent or outsource it to freelancers? Content syndication will only work out for you if you produce good content regularly, so you need to pin this part of the process down.

4. Getting Started

There are a couple of ways you can get started. You can seek out an agreement with a large publisher. You can look for specific partners.

You can also leverage technology like this SEO Jet product to access syndication networks.

Content Syndication Marketing and You

Content syndication marketing is one of the less well-known marketing options open to businesses. Yet, it does offer possibilities for any business that produced high-quality content on a regular basis.

Other sites benefit from a steady stream of content to satisfy their audience and keep costs down. You get the benefits of increased brand exposure and backlinks.

Just make sure you get your content plan in place before you go looking for a content syndication network.

Ready for more marketing ideas and tips? Check out some of the other posts in our Sales and Marketing section.

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